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The Atlantic History Thread

Halister Marner

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The following is a reconstructed and reposted Atlantic History thread, originally compiled by Avenhar and Andrasta, including many contributions by Atlantic players, seers, event moderators and developers.

The Atlantic History Thread

Atlantic's Unique Locations

By Seer Nikademus


* Vesper Museum - home of old event items (58o 11'N, 112o 17'E)

* Wedding spot - near Yew falls. (91o 19'N, 0o 8'E)

* A Moss Covered Sticky Rock - Occlo, origin unknown (100o 38'S, 169o 14'E)

* Marble & columns Mountains south of Despise - Marble tiles set in a square, with four columns and two lit braziers. Three of the columns say "Only When the Braziers Alight Shall the Temple Come to Life". Origin unknown. (34o 53'N, 8o 34'E)

* Robert Brisco Memorial - North of Wrong, flowers surround a torch and tombstone. The torch says "In loving memory of Robert Brisco, who brightened every world he touched." The tombstone says "Thy Flame Burns Ever On. B 6/19/58 - D. 5/20/98" (140o 37'N, 55o 28'E)

* Christine & Flint Memorial - West of Britain Swamps - They were married in UO, and in RL, and ran a large guild. Supposedly one of them left the game, and the other one followed because it wasn't the same for them. Plaque there says "Together Though Separate, Bound Beyond Life, Friend and Companion, Their Love Will Not End". Tombstones say "In Memory of Christine" & "In Memory of Flint". Moving to a certain spot on each platform teleports you across a small pond to the other platform. (49o 2'N, 40o 13'E)

* A Stone with a Flame Trapped Inside - stone in Yew's orc fort, tied somehow to the ettin, Tilf & Gilf. (12o 49'N, 48o 26'W)

* Home of Claudia Raym - decorated cave near Wrong, a former Seer character location. (119o 42'N, 47o 6'E)

* Home of Gregory & Coryn Ironhand - Jhelom - another former Seer home, full of unique items: jade bust of Theros Brigh****ers, a mechanical looking dragon, a book "Automatons and Mechanical Marvels", "a strange wooden contraption", "in celebration of 50 years of service" plaque, a portrait of Coryn Ironhand. (177o 58'S, 10o 41'W)

* Grave of Coryn Ironhand - Jhelom graveyard - "Coryn Ironhand - May She Rest in Peace" - seer event remain (no pun intended) (173o 20'N, 2o 48'W)

* Cromwell Estate - Nujel'm - home of former Seer character, Jordan Cromwell. Lots of interesting items, esp a magical crystal & massage table. (42o 53'N, 172o 41'E)

* House of Norab - Magincia - One of the first Seer homes, it's fairly plain. A few skull candles on tables. (50o 11'S, 166o 25'E)

* Locked Fort - South of Destard in the swamp. This was an Seer event location as well. Saying "payment" at the locked door will teleport you inside (117o 9'S, 4o 21'W)

* The Arena - located on Isle of the Avatar, this was used for mage battles. A red moongate outside the arena leads to the outside of the Atlantic Mage Tower, while saying "roclaf" from within the arena teleports you to the roof of the AMT. "roclaf" is backwards for "falcor", who was the Seer that played the character Norab, the AMT's sponsor. There's another sign within the arena that says "This Arena Is Reserved For Seer Event. Thank You. Have A Good Day." There is a locked down communication crystal outside the arena, which was used to announce fights. (149o 56'S, 126o 38'W)

* Seer house in Trinsic - Red's Curious Goods building. One of the first Seer locations, it's mostly been cleared out. However, there are a few unique items here. A tree stump with an axe is outside the door. Inside, you will find more place settings at the table, a chest and spinning wheel in the back room, and crafting tools in the last room. (106o 41'S, 37o 11'E)

* Tomb of Adrick Moonstar - Large Crypt, Nujel'm cemetary. Coffin with flowers around it. "Here Lies Adrick Moonstar, House Magi Of The House Of" Two other shards have similar tombs, no other do. Pacific has a tomb for "Galleus Kahns", while Chessie has one for "Lord Thalis." (43o 9'N, 154o 53'E)


* Fairgrounds - due north of Britain moongate, was created for a Summer Festival. Stage with benches, a pond, targets, and a tent. Sign on tree says "Stable Master for the Summer Festival only - Animals stabled at other times may be released to the wild" (23o 43'S, 1o 15'E)

* The Adventurer's Guild - The New World Order building in Minoc. Origins unknown. Decorative armor outside the building, some extra tables, fireplace and thrones inside (103o 58'N, 81o 42'E)

* Red dragon & white wrym heads - created by Sannio for the Skara Brae Community Center (heads can be found elsewhere, but these are unique in the Community Centers) (45o 47'S, 49O 30'W)

* Music Stands - Bardic Guild Hall, Nujel'm. Has four music stands instead of the standard three. Each of the music stands say: "3. Music Stand: I'm Using One Right Now, But Can't Even Find One When I Need It...". Pacific is the only other shard to have something similar. It has the standard three stands, but they say: "3. Music Stand: This Clue is Mightier Than The Sword..." (38o 8'N, 169o 48'E)

* Decorative Armor - Large Crypt, Nujel'm cemetary. There are two extra Decorative Armors in the crypt. All four say: "6. Armor: Add The Number Of Letters In The Name Of Each Clue You've Found To Win!". Pacific is the only other shard to have something similar, saying: "6. Armor: Add Together The Number Of Letters In Each Of The Clues To Get Your Answer..." (43o 9'N, 154o 53'E)

Player/Guild Establishments:

* United Blacksmiths of Britannia - Britain's Blacksmith Guild building in Felucca. Once the premier location for blacksmiths, the building was made into UBB's guild hall. Features exterior decoration, and more smithing items than other Blacksmith buildings on other shards. The upstairs has a display case showing pieces of armor made by the founding members of UBB. (13o 32'S, 2o 44'E - Felucca)

* The Atlantic Museum - Two towers on the southern tip of Dagger Isle, home of many unique & rare items on display for all to see. (78o 34'N, 152o 14'W - Felucca)

* Atlantic Mage Tower - Note, the tower is no longer standing, the following is recorded for historical purposes only. The Tower southwest of the Lycaeum in Felucca. Once the main location for magic users on Atlantic, full of magical effects and items. Several interesting features here including a red moongate south of the tower that transports you outside the arena on Isle of the Avatar. On the roof of the tower is a stone column with flames coming out of it, called "The Eternal Flame of Mages". Saying "setra" on the roof will transport you inside the arena on Isle of the Avatar. Standing on the pentagram on the first floor transports you to Leiah's Rune Library.(49o 50'N, 151o 49'W - Felucca)

* Western Yew University (player establishment) - Felucca

Once possibly the most influential player group on Atlantic, this group of people helped train new users in all manners of UO play long before there were companions or other programs. As such, they recieved quite a few things to aid them in their work:

* WYU Boat transport - at the end of the road is a sign and boat. The sign reads: "to cross the river, step onto the boat and say, 'I would like to cross.'" Takes you from (35o 14'N, 58o 21'W) to (36o 12'N, 63o 33'W) and back.

* Tree of Knowledge - Used to be a silver tree within WYU, placed when the original person who ran WYU, Silver Dryad, departed. Still has it's name (36o 44'N, 66o 9'W)

* WYU Headquarters - Just outside the guardzone, this small house had a hedge placed around a small courtyard. (31o 27'N, 64o 53'W)

* WYU Building - Yew Farmhouse, converted to a school house. Outsides is decorated like a stables. Inside, additional books lie scattered on tables. A guildstone for the "House of Desires" resides in the building. (34o 58'N, 64o 45'W)

* WYU Magic & Tailoring Wing - Yew Farmhouse. The first part of the interior was converted into a magic training area. The back room was made into a tailor training area, full of tailoring equipment. Outside the building, combat and pickpocket dummies allowed fighter and thief training. (33o 23'N, 69o 15'W)

* WYU Smithing Area - Located one screen west of the WYU HQ, this small area was added to train smiths. (31o 38'N, 65o 52'W)

Other Locations:

By Aalia of Winterbreeze, Andrasta of Goodmans, and Lord Goodman himself.

An updated list of Atlantic's Unique Locations, including screenshots, can be found at this address.
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Halister Marner

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GreyPawn's Comprehensive History of the Atlantic Shard

I cannot in all honesty provide you, the reader, with a complete and utterly comprehensive history of what has occurred on the Atlantic shard as I am limited by the field of my personal direct or indirect observation. I cannot tell you what happened with any great certainty on the shard before I came to it in May, 1999. But I will tell you what I’ve seen and what I know of the shard, to the extent of my ability to do so with any semblance of brevity.

Welcome to a New World

The Atlantic Mage Tower

This was the first thing I encountered on the shard, still being new to things. Atlantic Mage Tower was a tower on Moonglow, having been moved by a GM from a plot in Trinsic to its location and twice blessed. The Tower possessed a large brick behind it to which it had teleporter access, called the Annex. The purpose of the Tower was to train newbies and help them excel in Sosaria. The annex, which was at times disputed primarily by Lord Gregor of Moonglow, was a vendor venue where the members of the Tower could sell their goods. The Atlantic Mage Tower is most renowned for its final event, a huge shard-wide Grand Tournament for which a tournament ring was created on Fire Island with an adjoining area for spectators equipped with a red moongate for travel. The AMT was lead by the red-clad Tiffric, who pioneered the Mage Tower project across the shards, landing Towers on Chesapeake, Lake Superior, Catskills, Baja, Drachenfels and Great Lakes. AMT’s claim to fame was one of the first UO Comics drawn with its namesake attached, but dubbed “Another Mad Tower” which told the story of the tower and the crazy antics of those who attempted to thwart its membership.

Among those immortalized in the comics were Ibn Shaun, Elizabeth, Tiffric, Nick-of-Time, Wieland, Ra, and Designer Dragon. After the Tournament, Tiffric fell to health problems and infrequently visited the tower, which eventually fell to atrophy after his passing in 2004. Aldroud Claven, who later became Grishnak of the Stormreaver Orcs, was a member of AMT and attempted to revive other incarnations of the guild on the road south to Trinsic.

The West Yew University

The WYU occupies a better portion of West Yew, a ferry having been created to usher students and faculty across the water to it. WYU was among the foremost notable schools to indoctrinate and assist newcomers to Britannia, aiding those who chose the northwest as home and refuge. Some of its more notable teachers were Silver Dryad (immortalized in the form of a tree) and Krythan. At its height, there were 5 full time teachers teaching a full spectrum of students how to survive in the harsh world of early UO. WYU was blessed early on for its efforts in boosting player knowledge. The Seeker guild, a wisp-oriented guild with a tower close to WYU eventually merged with the University at the occurrence of Silver Dryad’s departure. Many of those who would eventually become militia in the Yew Town Council studied at West Yew University.

Eternal Dreams University

EDU was a University liken to WYU, but formed within the city limits of Rivendell, a player run city southwest of Britain situated on the farms of what could be considered Paws. Having a limited staff, EDU often borrowed from the staff of WYU and local pillars of the community to inform and educate its students. Most of its doctrine was roleplay based, as was WYU’s, but EDU’s focused more on the survivalist side. A greater number of individuals who would later become influential in Atlantic’s community attended EDU.

Survival of the Fittest (or Fastest)

Early on in Atlantic’s history, the rules governing the physics of Ultima Online were much harsher to the everyday inhabitant. Houses had limited lockdowns and keys to both houses and boats were a thing valued highest. A thief who got hold of a house key and a house rune could empty you of all your worldly possessions in under a few minutes. Pking was quite a common thing too, as the world consisted wholly of Felucca, though prettier than its current state. Anytime one ventured out of the protective coverage of the guards, they were up for grabs in a pker’s eyes. This put a great deal of hardship on resource gathering, and the economy had not yet experienced the gluts in resources and gold that it later would come to see. Miners had to gather in packs for protection, often bartering in ingots for their lives with pkers. Life for many was a competition. PvP coalesced into guilds of the like-minded, which either hunted each other or non-consensual prey for fun and profit. Most notable among the “hubs” of PvP interaction was the Britain Graveyard during server down, outside pretty much any city’s gates and the Britain Crossroads. The latter was so popular, eventually a news organization adopted the name. The advent of Order vs. Chaos turned almost every populous city into a war zone, city-fighting and house-fighting were not uncommon in those days.

Guilds and Places of Note

As far back as I can remember, player guilds have stood at the forefront of progress and been the very building blocks of what the Atlantic community has been. After players became acclimatized to the surroundings and familiar enough with how the shard worked, they sought to pursue a goal, usually within the confines of a guild. Alignment and player type had a lot to do with which guild you joined. If you were a PvPer, you probably wouldn’t join an Rper guild. And vice-versa. Though back then, the Seers did their level best to make that distinction as blurry as possible with open-ended events.

The Order of the Ebon Skull

Probably the most prolific of the roleplaying guilds on Atlantic, the Order of the Ebon Skull was one of the few evil roleplaying guilds in the game, let alone on the shard. Founded by Azalin the Lich Lord, the guild grew to respectable size early on, but its main claim to fame was its deep lore and roleplay ethic. It pioneered In Character interactions on Atlantic and presented a grand antagonist for multitudes of good-aligned guilds. Eventually situated in the frozen north of Ice Isle, the OES held Black Mass in their Temple of Oblivion, conducted by the High Priest Bal-Anon Dak. The OES settlement in north ice isle eventually became known as Caina after the city was officially founded. OES represented to many early roleplayers all that was evil and bad in the world and would be the focal point for many wars.

The Lost Order of Akalabeth

The LOA was a guild massive in number that situated themselves in Yew early on in the game, having formed during the UO beta test and resolved themselves to excel. L-Guild, which eventually adopted the name of “Lost Order of Akalabeth” in honor of the first of the Ultima games, founded LOA Village in a clearing near Yew and was actually visited once by Lord British, Richard Garriott, an event I had the pleasure to take part in. The Lost Order was a mix-match of all sorts of players, PvPers as well as Rpers, and their guild master Brimstone’s contributions to guild systems and guildmastery philosophy became well known. LOA found themselves often involved in as much as possible, adopting somewhat of a “thumb in every pie” policy towards Atlantic, which saw the benefits of an early well organized good-aligned guild in LOA. Early roleplay wars between LOA and OES were the foundation of the creation of many warring rules set forth beforehand with warring guilds today. LOA Village was blessed with pear trees and hedges for its continued excellence early on in the shard’s history.


Rivendell was, situated closest to the largest city in-game, one of the most active areas of interest early on. Blessed soon after official organization of itself as a city, the Hungry Hafling Tavern saw itself in direct competition with Serpent Cross Tavern at times through the history of Atlantic. Founded by Zym Dragon and Kallel in October of ‘97, the city grew to respectable size in a time where player-run cities were all but required for mutual survival. Rivendell was host to Eternal Dreams University, the city being situated on the cusp of a guard zone aided in the survivability of its citizens, but made them desirable targets for player killers. Rivendell’s history centers around the Hungry Hafling Tavern, where, in the fourth and fifth year of UO, Seers frequented often and provided quests on a quasi-predictable weekly schedule, which drew players from all over. Among Rivendell’s famed residents are Miss Amy, Beowulf, Craig and his mongbat, and Boo.

Yew Town Council

The city of Yew had since early times, been the apex of action in-game. The Yew Town Council was formed early on by a coalition of like-minded players, founded by Yew’s first mayor, Helgi Einarson and perpetuated through the years by SunWolf, Gargish Dragon, Krythan, Windlord and others. The YTC and its Militia served as the model for later Town Councils, such as Moonglow Town Council and Trinsic Town Council. Yew typically stood as a protagonist against the forces of darkness, whether they be in the form of the Order of the Ebon Skull or years later, the Orcs.

Yew, in the past, has served as a testing grounds for many of the social experiments in the roleplayer community, being the prime target for the Territorial War Project and participating in epic wars too numerous to list.

Serpent Cross Tavern

This patio tavern has stood at ground zero of some of the greatest epics and events that have occurred in the shard’s history. A hotbed of roleplay and pvp in its heyday, the Serpent Cross Tavern, founded by Perianwyr Stormcrow still stands in its clearing in Yew, surrounded by buildings that later became incorporated as Fogwood Village. Neutrality in a place with so much action was enforced by the barkeeps of the SCT, its very name standing as a symbol. Serpent Cross, over the years, saw its barstools and dining room as host to literally thousands of plotlines and brainstorms, verbal exchanges and debates about ideas and concepts which would fall to nothing or later come to fruition in the form of new guilds. For most of the first four years of the shard’s history, roleplay was centered around this tavern in the woods.

The Cult of Infernal Necromancy

I would be remiss if I did not include in this synopsis of history at least a brief description of the Cult of Infernal Necromancy. Founded by a necromancer who was a necromancer before necromancy was Necromancy, Smogg Azalin built a tower in the Fens of the Dead near Trinsic and dubbed home to a guild of cultists. Reknowned for its involvement in kidnappings and intrigue, the Cult was the basic bread & butter antagonist through the years. Among its more famous exploits is the deep interaction it had with Juo’Nar during the Trinsic Occupation. No other guild worked harder and did more to further the aims of evil during the invasion than did [Ncr].

The Awakening, The Regency, and the TWP

While each of the above titled are completely different animals, I will summarize each here for the purpose of brevity in what would otherwise be an exhaustive primer. The Awakening was a religious movement focused on the Virtues of Ultima, built by Aleph Aeirs of 2ST, Rainbow King, a famous tamer, and Azrielle. Created for the sole purpose of the promulgation of the Virtues, the Awakening spawned a number of guilds and plotlines as it networked the “guilds of light” together, among them, what would later become my guild, Moonglow Town Council. The Regency, which was borne simultaneously with the Territorial War Project or “TWP” was a solution the lightbringer guilds created to answer the question of an absent Lord British. Dayel Stormcrow, one of the few actually knighted by Lord British, was made Regent of a coalition of good-aligned guilds and given the perceived power of King of Britannia in Lord British’s absence.

The TWP was a vast project which sought to redefine the way wars took place and were decided. A map of Sosaria was divided into sections and guilds could lay claim to each section if it had vested interest or if it conquered it from another. The TWP experienced wide success in drumming up interest but soon fell to petty squabbling and became mired in bureaucracy.

Unter Brae and the Temple of the Avatar

Early on in the game, blessings were handed out like so much candy. The result was lasting and indelible marks on the surroundings of the area which was blessed. Pretty much any place with a weekly dose of civil activity and a penchant for social interaction could, if they tried hard enough, get blessed. Unter Brae and The Temple of the Avatar was one of those places. Originally home to a monk-like guild of Virtue representatives, the Temple of the Avatar stood as the centerpiece for the player-run city of Unter Brae, right across the docks from Skara. The Temple and town were run by a priest by the name of Inia Geofrensis. The Temple saw a respectable amount of use in its time; at least three dozen sermons were held in its halls before its demise sometime in 2001.

The Procession of Grand Occurrences

I’ve chosen to name the sections of time when quests occurred after the foremost Seer or Event Moderator on Atlantic, in honor of their contribution to the shard’s rich history and the lasting impressions they have made, and to help divide and frame the time for purposes of composition.

The Time of Nikademus

Unfortunately, I do not have all the historical documents necessary to make a valid synopsis of what occurred in the time before I came to the shard. Two years had passed already and Stratics was still in its infancy, so records of events and fiction that happened before were splotchy at best, and most of the accounts were word-of-mouth. A basic outline of the events that occurred across all shards which affected them each deeply and introduced The Second Age can be found here .
On Atlantic, three great heroes were named from the epic quest, the battle against the Followers of Armageddon (FOA for short) and its leaders, Junin Pince, Zendella Kxris and Martoo Saul. Rainbow King, Dayel Stormcrow, and Hagbard each received the highest honors and individual recognition from Lord British himself, as well as a real life certificate commemorating their strength in rallying the people of Atlantic to fight the great threat. A multitude of quests punctuate this time in the first two years of life on Atlantic, each more epic than the next.

During this period, the largest and oldest guilds were formed; Mercs, AoD, Covetous Crew, The Syndicate, SSJ, Regulators and the Trinsic Borrowers were some of the more renowned ones that made their mark early on in both the PvP and roleplay communities. Leiah’s Rune Library was founded in what would later become Elysium.

The Time of Magdalena

In this era, which began at around the opening of the Lost Lands and ended sometime shortly before the advent of Claudia Raym, most of the roleplayer guilds congealed and began to firmly plant their roots, as well as their PvP-centric counterparts. Arx Draconis officially became a city and Wintermoor on ice isle was born from the ashes of Eldanor. Caina also began to coalesce, and many of the schools mentioned in the beginning of this guide went through massive growth spurts. Serpent Cross Tavern became “the place to be” as it was often frequented by RPCs and quests. Most notably illustrated with the Westmark project, an experiment in Nujel’m in using what were to become Troubadours in a dynasty riddled with intrigue, the Time of Magdelena saw a marked increase in the amount of information that came to the players as secrets and statistics about the game world started to become revealed.

This poignant time in the shard’s history was witness to the most growth in terms of players and guilds. Order vs. Chaos became a staple in PvP circles, turning many populated cities into war zones. Reputation had finally come to effect in full swing and pkers found themselves more and more outnumbered, coalescing into larger guilds of reds like SSJ and Covetous Crew. Norab the Mage from Magincia made his rounds, Tranth the wandering dragon and Jordon Cromwell make appearances during this time as well. Also notable during this time was the “Wizard of Oz” play organized on Atlantic and held across North American shards. The player cities of Dalriada and Elysium rose during this time, east of Arx Draconis and northeast of Trinsic, respectively. Holy Disciples of Darkness, lead by Navrip joined the ranks of growing evil guilds on the shard. Clan Moor began its long residence in Yew, Knights of Sosaria and Order of the Silver Serpent were also founded during this time.

Resource gathering truly began in earnest during this period of Atlantic’s history. Grandmaster Smiths and Carpenters were uncommon at best, and UBB came into being, eventually taking up blessed residence at the West Britain Blacksmithy. GM tinkers were greatly desired and many a poor fool opened a baited box trapped with almost always fatal deadly poison.
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GreyPawn's Comprehensive History of the Atlantic Shard (cont.)

The Time of Narcissus

The arrival of Seer Narcissus on Atlantic was one, which was at first felt small in scope, but expanded to encompass most of the attentive public at one point in time. A rich plot followed the events created by Seer Narcissus, deep in fiction and establishing a new generation of legends. An epic tale was told through a series of about two dozen events focusing around the abandoned girl that had been adopted by a Dragon, Claudia Raym and her rallying of the forces of good to rid the shard of the demon Phakebrus who had possessed an individual named Aragothias.

Claudia was adopted in spirit by the three men who found her wandering through the woods one day, Rictar, SunWolf of Yew, and myself. The end of the eventful era of Narcissus happened at the stable of Serpent Cross Tavern, shortly after an epic battle of good versus evil at Wrong entrance culminated in the overthrow and exile of Phakebrus.

The Time of Oberon

New blood had come to Atlantic. The impact of the FOA quests lessened, the influence of Magdalena and Narcissus waned and a new group of storytellers took to the Atlantic scene. The Troubadour experiment was an apparent success, and Atlantic enjoyed a glut of events and content. BNN was giving reports in RealAudio. Trinsic had been invaded by Juo’Nar and Minax was corrupting the shrines and invading. The shard stood on the cusp of what would be called UO: Renaissance. By this point in the shard’s history, most of the earlier schools had atrophied and fallen to inactivity. The learning curve was getting less and less steep and players weren’t as hesitant to leave the protection of the guards. Guild numbers in most guilds reached all time highs and the roleplay community’s social center shifted gradually from the Serpent Cross to The Hungry Hafling in Rivendell.

The story of the invasion of Trinsic is well known across all shards and is simultaneously considered the most famous and infamous of events in UO’s history by many. NCR and several of the evil-aligned guilds on Atlantic aided Juo’Nar in his bid for control over Trinsic, in one case even becoming actual undead to stalk the streets of the city of Honor. Atlantic was, due to The Cult of Necromancy’s involvement, one of the few that had Joye assassinated in its Trinsic Invasion sequence. Trammel arrived and Atlantic reeled in pain as it suffered not one, not two, but THREE time warp reverts during house placement activation. Many who had placed the first and second time were unable to place the third time around. The arrival of Trammel was daunting and confusing to many on the shard, the traditionalists preferring to continue life on the destroyed facet and the die-hards refusing to even enter Trammel.

Eventually, the convenience of not having to worry about non-consensual PvP won out with most of the population and the exodus (pardon the pun) began. The majority of events continued to take place in what was thought of as the “real” facet, Felucca. A great dragon named Lady Lianne took to visiting Rivendell and Gregory Ironhand and the Sword of Sacrifice quests happened. You can read about those here . The arc of events included Xerot the Illusionist and the Lantern of Shadows, as well as many monster invasions of player-run cities. Farmers and Tailors and Evil Bastages made their names on the PvP scene.

The Time of Daven

The Time of Daven began at the first of two large tournaments that took place in the Jhelom Pit. Elder Daven continued the story of the dragon Lady Lianne and a new storyline came about, centered around the daemon Nostur’yl and his zealous follower. Priam and Wilmeth, Atlantic’s other Interest Team members, took great pains to provide events as well. An Adventurer’s Guild was opened in Minoc Trammel, the very first unique location to be created in Trammel. Weekly events took place there and in many major cities. Being predictable and relying on a large word-of-mouth communications network fueled by Molly of Hedge’s Run, many were able to attend the events who never had experienced them before.

The Companions, which had been introduced earlier, came into full force. Third Dawn was brewing and the first UO World’s Faire took place in Austin, Texas, uniting many and putting faces to a great number of well-known names. Factions arrived and Atlantic’s PvP and to some extent its RP communities segmented into ideologies, the foundation of the Regency being the end result of one of those ideologies. Moonglow held summits and The Stormreaver Orcs grew to large numbers. A number of other specialty groups formed in the pattern of the Orcs, such as the Goblins, the Dwarves and the Savages, but each fell to its own doom as time passed. The Firm was founded, one of the latter day schools to indoctrinate newcomers in areas where Companions could or did not. A city bearing the name Wilmeth was also host to a school during this time. Goodman’s Rune Library was founded on the shores of Magincia beach halfway through The Time of Daven, one of the first to offer a comprehensive treasure map rune system.

The Time of the Player

In one fell stroke, the Counselor and Interest Programs were terminated by OSI. All robed volunteerism was ended due to a collection of volunteer counselors suing for back pay. Atlantic, one of the oldest production shards that had experienced years of events was suddenly without the oversight of player volunteers. Players and guilds were now left with the responsibility of self-serving their own content and events and while many consider this a golden age of innovation, some thought of it as a dark one. UO2 came soon to excite the masses and fell by the wayside, leaving its story in bits and pieces with Lord Blackthorne’s Revenge, which came about allowing 2D client players to enter and explore Ilshenar, which had remained nearly virgin to all but a few Atlantians who used the 3D client. Dawn came and went, with her the UO3D and LBR storyline. All of a sudden, tamers were prevalent, fishing was no longer the monster money maker it once was, and banksitting had come into fashion through the gradual proliferation of ice-staffs, nightmares and neon hair dye.

It was a new world with new people joining the shard every day, taught their basics by Haven’s guiding quests, powerhouring to greatness. It was the time of the lumberjacking axer and of the dexer. With no reason to leave the safety of Trammel, the playerkiller made an appearance on the endangered species list, right below the Feluccan taverns of RP history’s yesteryear. Never-ending innovations and concepts were put to the test to entertain and amuse, to enrich and build the intrigue of the shard’s story. The Territorial War Project was one of these, begun by a coalition of guilds willing to work together out of game to define how in-game wars were to take place and the effect they would have. A map was drawn up with hued territories for each participant guild’s claim and conquests, and a shardwide game akin to Risk was played.

Formed in this time were the guilds Humanis, HOT, DEI, The Fishing Council of Britannia and Elf. The Odyssey Niteclub opened and then closed. Few on the shard could anticipate the bigger change the Age of Shadows had waiting in store for Atlantic.

The New Generation

The Age of Shadows came to Atlantic, spearheaded by the promise of new land and the ability to customize housing. Luna, Umbra, and Hanse’s Hostel in Malas each became the centerpiece of a new community. Luna found itself at the center of vendor commerce; houses placed within its city limits allowing the greatest ease of shopping and convenience. This is the time we know that is most recent. The age of Tiffany Case, Stuffa and the Barton craze, arti*****s and pally/tamer/bard combos. Crystal Fens was founded shortly after the opening of Malas, to the southeast of Luna. Umbra too had a small village founded near it, Charnel Hill was founded by The Shadowform Empire and recently merged with Admoreth’s reborn OES. Hanse’s Hostel was selected as the centerpoint for the foundation of a breakaway guild of Stormhaven, the City of Sanctus.

Insurance had a two-pronged effect on the population of Atlantic. Insurance redefined the impetus for player killers to go red. Profit could be made through gold automatically deducted when a player was killed. Additionally, the boost in resources in Felucca and the reassurance that a player’s most valuable items would remain in their possession pushed a slight repopulation of Felucca. Several guilds capitalized on this and the Yew Felucca Moongate has become a nexus of PvP as the Brit Crossroads of old were.

The advent of the Gauntlet caused a new breed of player and guild to develop on the shard. Artifacts became the staple primary source of great wealth on the shard, real estate having fallen dramatically post-Malas. Just as the procurement of resources lead to mission focused guilds forming in the past for the purposes of the extraction of those resources, so has the Gauntlet. Groups of dozens or more battle Dark Fathers non-stop in Doom’s Gauntlet, each vying for a shot at scoring a high damage hit which might yield a bracelet of health or an ornament of the magician. Shortly after the release of Age of Shadows, OSI began hiring Event Moderators to create new events. Event Moderators were to be akin to Seers, but with beefed up powers and contracted directly by EA.

Nikademus – Reloaded

Atlantic was fortunate enough to get Nikademus as its Event Moderator for the OSI fiction arc that followed Age of Shadows. Nikademus and the other EMs have conducted a year and a half of events on Atlantic since the inception of the EM program, each with ever increasing success bringing the experience of an in-game event to grateful players. Unlike former events of UO’s youth, the EM events cater to an entire cross-section of Atlantians. PvPer, PvMer, RPer, and Banksitter alike are found in attendance at the throne room during action hours. The shard has seen the resurfacing and departure of Lord British, the handing over of power to Lord Arathen Wudrin and epic battles with Minax and her bevy of cohorts.

The most recent unique history, the events revolving around the Gem of Garanzen the gargoyle, can be found with a simple search for “Garanzen” in Stratics News. Prime fiction proceeded unaltered from other shards, with the exception of several locations changed. Atlantic is one of the few shards who’s “Member of the Britannian Royal Guard” sash is officially purple, as credit to the True Britannian official faction color. Unique to the shard are Royal Guard survival knifes, given for the correct answers in response to a hunt for a man named Vincent as well as Royal Guard Investigator Cloaks.

This brings me at last… to now.

Currently, Atlantic stands on the threshold of yet another chapter in its history. How will the Samurai Empire affect us? What can we, the residents of one of the oldest and most glorified shards expect for the future? What changes to Atlantic’s culture and community will we see when tomorrow comes? Only time will tell. And if it doesn’t, rest assured, I will.

Your Humble Servant,


I would like to extend an apology to any individual, guild, city or venue that I did not include in this abridged version of the history of the Atlantic shard. To write the entirety of the shard’s history would be a feat of monumental effort and would probably take a year or more of research and fill twenty volumes. This basic outline was created for the purpose of informing and educating, a greater portion of the history and lore had to be summarized. I heartily solicit and encourage you to amend any parts you feel I may have missed in the appropriate thread on Stratics Atlantic message board.
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Miscellaneous Player History

The Story of Elysium and the Knights of Sosaria

The player town of Elysium was formed in the year 1997 by the Knights of Sosaria. Especially by Lord Wolf and his daughter Lady Nova, the two founders of the KOS. Elysium is just south of where the old ruined town of Paws once stood. Wolf was born in Paws and had witnessed the destruction of it by the Orcs. As he came to age he settled down on the plains north of Trinsic, and formed Elysium. One core of the town was the Wandering Wisp Tavern. Another part was Leia's Rune Library just a few stumbling steps from the away.

Soon the town grew bigger as the number of Knights increased and their link to Trinsic was beyond measure. Several members of the KOS became Mayors of Trinsic or at least members of the Trinsic Council of Honor.
But then came the discovery of Trammel and the lands of Elysium became empty. The Knights, however, placed a large tower and a castle on the same plains. The Tower served as new home for the KOS guildstone, while the tower, more or less in the same spot where Leia's rune library is on Felucca, holds the Elysium Rune Library and the Drunken Dragon Tavern.

Lord Wolf retired, leaving the guild business first to his friend Lord Breti (the owner of the Tower and the Castle) and later Sir Robert and Lady Arcana became co-Leaders. Those two also became (in the roleplaying scenario, not OSI endorsed) the Duke and the Duchess of Trinsic. Sir Robert took over the Wandering Wisp Tavern as well.

Lady Arcana is today the Guildmistress of the KOS, Sir Robert had left the guild to start his own and Breti is more or less retired as well. The Knights are now located at Vesper / Trammel.

The Ghosts of Paws

By Gwendoly

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I went to Trinsic to attend the Council Meeting. I had heard reports of strange ghosts haunting the lands of late and I hoped to learn more. These ghosts apparently were cursing people and someone even told me that the new town of Elysium was cursed. As my guild had put a lot of time and effort into creating Elysium, I wanted to help in any way I could to remove the curse.

I went to the Trinsic Meeting Hall and found a number of people already there. A few more came in after the meeting began. I counted thirty-one people in all. There was even a seer at the meeting, Seer Nikademus. I found this interesting because I have seen a green-robed seer only once before. The attendees included: Christian of RAV; Lenknat of KOP; Fizban; Magus Draco; Arturius of C^L; Zeromus; Alma Beoulve; several members of the Trinsic Council; some representatives of the Yew Militia; Gargish Dragon, the Mayor of Yew; Dyluck Blade of WYS; Aleph Aeirs of 2ST; and several members of my guild, the Knights of Sosaria.

Orchid, the Mayor of Trinsic, began by telling what she knew of the ghosts and their mysterious messages:

"It was brought to my attention that the strange events we have experienced began not last week, but actually some time before when an oracle of sorts visited Dalriada. He said of some forthcoming troubles he saw between Yew and Trinsic. Recently, as we all know ghosts started appearing - Sir Simon, Belle, etc - carrying messages speaking of curses upon Trinsic because they supposedly did not aid in their time of need. Who's time of need?

Apparently The long since destroyed town of Paws. Paws was attacked and destroyed by Orcs long ago, and it is true that Trinsic apparently did not show up in time to prevent it. In fact, only one survivor remained when they finally came. You may recall Crawworth. He was the survivor. Now I know not the reason why it took Trinsic so long to get there. It was long since before my time and there is nothing I could have done to aid. Apparently though, now they want revenge. But why now? What have they waited so long to seek vengeance upon us?"

"It is the ghosts, of those I assume to be deceased citizens of Paws that want revenge. Last night, I am told they came with a message more frightening than any before."

At this point, several people told Orchid of the ghosts who appeared to them last night. Fizban said, "Last night every ghost along with a few new ones appeared before WYU." SunWolf was also a witness: "Ma'am Mayor, these ghost of some sorts had visited Abbey. Also Serpent Cross Tavern. They stated Trinsic Council will pay for their deeds at the meeting at next sun rise." "I fear we may be in grave danger, though I am still not sure from what," replied Orchid.

The discussion continued for some time, when, all of a sudden, I felt a chill behind me. I turned towards the door and saw a ghost walk into the room. His name was Sir Simon. The communication crystals that were set up for the meeting allowed us to understand all of Sir Simon's speech. I faithfully wrote down everything he said:

"In a chest hidden by the best of thieves...this letter shall rest an eternity"

"false paladin....stole...my letter"

"the others...do not know...the truth"

"they will not....listen"

"they must...have peace"


"I failed"

"false paladin...stole...my letter"

"they blame...Trinsic"

"the spirits...will not...listen"

"and neither...will He"


At this point, Sir Simon left the room. We all scrambled to follow before we lost sight of him.

Sir Simon led us out of Trinsic and north along the road. We hadn't gone far when he stopped and moaned something. Lenknat interpreted for us: "In Vain I died here." Sir Simon then continued north aways. He led us east through the woods and stopped at a graveyard near the swamps. He began reading the headstones to us. It quickly became apparent that the people buried here were killed by the orcs that destroyed Paws. This is what he said:

"Belle....daughter...of Samuel..."

"child of Paws..."

"Poor Tremain...guard of Paws"

"Marianne...baker...of Paws"

"Sir John...Mayor..."

"Polly...Paws tavernkeep"

"only survivor"

"Farley...foolish drunk"

"he will not listen"

"Farley knows...the way..."

"Farley will not listen"

"foolish drunk..."

"seek Farley...he lives near"

"only survivor..."

"Tessa.....my Lady Tessa"

"My lady Tessa...I miss her"

"our son...Crawworth...all dead"

"all gone now"

"the spirits...will not rest..."

"Farley will not listen..."

"foolish drunk..."

"seek him"

Sir Simon suddenly disappeared, leaving us to speculate who this Farley person was. Sir Simon said something about him living nearby, so we began to search all the houses in the area for any signs.

We split up into groups to search the area faster. I know not who first found it, but we soon gathered in front of a small wooden house. The sign read: "Farley's Hunting Shack - Go Away!"

After discussing what to do next, we decide to wait in front of the house in case the owner returned soon.

A strange looking fellow wearing the shiniest plate armor walked up and asked why we were gathered about the house. His name was Stratege. Lady Nova told him that we were waiting for a man called Farley. Stratege told us about someone he met a few weeks back in the woods who was trying to fight off a few ratmen near a chest. Stratege said that he helped kill the ratmen and that the man gave him part of the treasure, 500 gold pieces. He seemed to think that the man was named Farley, but he couldn't be certain. Stratege seemed to be amused by our explanation that we were waiting because a ghost told us to, and he left with the words, "back to smithing."

Remembering what Sir Simon said about Farley being a drunk, Orchid went to search the taverns for him. Some of the people in our group left to search other areas. I left for awhile as well.

When I returned to Farley's house, there was still a good-sized group waiting. A few minutes later, Orchid returned from her search of the taverns without having found anything. A discussion began regarding what we learned about the ghosts and Farley, speculation as to who the master thief is, and how all this relates to Trinsic. It was feared that all this was a ruse to get us away from the city and that Trinsic was under attack. Callisto Gabriel rode to Trinsic and returned to report that all was peaceful there.

A few of the people waiting had taken to summoning elementals and sparring with them to practice their skills and help pass the time. While all this was going on, it was almost easy not to notice a small, gray-bearded man walk up from the west. Lady Nova was the first to say, "There he is!" We all turned and were glad to finally see Farley, the Treasure Hunter.

Farley walked up to his house, mumbled under his breath angrily, and said, "Get ye away from me house." Lady Nova and Orchid tried to ask him some questions, but his reply was, "Ask ye questions to the swamp." After muttering, "Away from me doorstep," Farley went inside his house and locked the door behind him. We continued to wait outside his house in case he changed his mind about talking to us. We could hear him drinking.

Some minutes passed before Farley stumbled out onto his doorstep. He muttered, "Ye best be off, fore I get angry." But we were not so easily shooed. Lenknat asked, "Can you help us?" To which Farley replied, "No one can help ye as no one can help me." Orchid said, "We need help obtaining a letter sealed in a chest hidden by the best of thieves." We tried to explain briefly why we were there and asked Farley many questions which he did not answer. Someone mentioned a test, and to this Farley responded: "A test I give thee. No one can best me in the hunt. I shall devise a test. Only I am able to find the treasures that others hide." He then tried to scare us away with a feeble attempt at magic by muttering, "Corpus Por," "Corpal Por," and "Corpy Pory." This, of course, did not work.

We asked Farley again about the test. He said, "A test I give thee. Ye shant pass test, give up now." Someone mentioned the ghosts, and Farley muttered, "Evil spirits. The spirits haunt me dreams. I shant have thee cluttering me mind with these lies." Orchid told him, "We can stop the spirits, but only with your help." Farley said, "This map I give thee, ye not find treasure," and then asked who was the leader among us. We told him that it was Mayor Orchid. Farley continued: "Ye not find this treasure, even me unable. If thee finds this treasure, me give what ye ask. Bring to me the completed map along with all gems and drink. If thee do this, me take to fake orc chest." Orchid replied, "Its a deal." Farley gave Orchid a tattered treasure map, muttered "Now begone from me hut," and went back inside to resume his drinking.

We discussed what to do next and how we were going to find a treasure hunter. Lenknat's father, a master cartographer named Maximun, came to see if he could help. Maximun tried to read the map and then announced, "Tis too difficult." He told us that only a grandmaster cartographer could read the map. From this we knew that it was one of the most difficult types of treasure maps in the lands and that getting the treasure would involve fighting several of the toughest monsters in Britannia.

Several people sent messages via pigeon to friends to help locate a grandmaster cartographer, without any success. It quickly became clear that finding one could take awhile. Several of us went to the Wandering Wisp tavern to discuss the situation further over a good drink. Orchid decided that we should continue our search for a cartographer and return to the Wisp in two hours.

I went home get supplies for the hunt. When I returned to the Wisp, no qualified cartographer had yet been located. Callisto Gabriel soon had a lead and gave the information to Orchid. The Mayor contacted this cartographer, and he agreed to help us. Orchid brought the cartographer, named Cotton Picka of LoT, to the Wisp.

Cotton read the map and told us that the treasure was buried on a small island between Britain and Trinsic. We located two boats and then went to Leiah's Rune Library. A rune was found to a nearby island so that our sailing time would be shorter. We gated to the island and then boarded the boats. Most of the people got on the first boat. I boarded the second boat with a few of my guildmates. We tried to keep up with the first boat, but managed to get lost. I was able to get the coordinates of the first boat via pigeon and then we were on our way again.

When we caught up with the first boat, they were already at the island and the treasure hunt was in progress. The corpses of several monsters lay on the shore. I witnessed the deaths of a lich lord and two elder gazers before the treasure hunt was over. All the loot was gathered, and we then gated back to the Wisp.

Mayor Orchid let each person chose one of the magic items from the loot as a reward for helping with the quest. She then asked us all to meet back at the Wisp tomorrow night at 8 o'clock to see if we can locate Farley again and show that we have passed his test.

This Sunday proved to be a very long day for me. I was glad to go home and get some rest, though it was an adventure not to forget!

- Gwendolyn
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Miscellaneous Player History (cont.)

The Book of Destiny Story

By Wolf

As a young boy, I lived a peaceful life in a small village known as Paws, between Trinsic and Britain. That is, until the days of Thornewood and the attack of the orcs. History books tell of the orc attack and how the village was destroyed. But few know the full story of evil, deception, and death…

When the orcs attacked, the men hid the women and children in barns and cellars, and then sent a call for help to the Paladins of the Trinsic Honor Guard. But the message never arrived.

Running to Trinsic, the messenger found a Guardsman on the trail and begged him to call the Guard to aid Paws. The Guardsman wheeled his horse, glowered down at the panting man, and struck him down with a single blow! For this Guardsman was an imposter who had infiltrated the Guard’s ranks. It was he that led the orcs against the town. His name was Thornewood.

Not knowing the messenger’s fate, the men and many of the women of Paws fought bravely against the waves of orcs that attacked their homes and families. But they never stood a chance against the horde. Blood ran freely over doorsteps and through the streets. Men, women and children were all cruelly slaughtered. And the mysterious Guardsman was never seen again.

In the end, Trinsic’s Honor Guard did learn of the attack and arrived to find the orcs in the last stages of the obliteration of Paws. Hartham himself strode through town demolishing orcs and searching for survivors. In one of the few houses not burned to the ground he beheaded an orc that had just killed some poor, brave woman of Paws. The story has been told that as Hartham turned to leave, he heard a sound under the floorboards. Tossing aside a rug he ripped open the trapdoor, ready to attack any vile creatures below. And there he found a young boy. Apparently, he was the sole survivor of the once peaceful town of Paws. His name was Crawworth, and Hartham raised the boy as his own. Years later Crawworth achieved notoriety in the battles against the Followers of the Armageddon, and in the initial explorations of the newly found Lost Lands, where he was eventually killed.

What many people have never known was that Crawworth was NOT the only survivor of Paws. Indeed, several years ago, it was discovered that Farley, a half-mad drunk living in the swamps, had been hidden in the woods as a child and was overlooked by the orcs. When the Knights of Sosaria were building their town of Elysium on the ruins of Paws, Farley played a part in quelling the angry cries of ghosts that rose up to complain to the people of Trinsic for not sending aid during the attack. He eventually told them of the false paladin who betrayed both Trinsic and Paws, thus finally allowing the ghosts to rest in peace. But soon after, Farley disappeared and has been seen no more.

I know this story well. It’s a dramatic history lesson that I’ve followed all my life. But it’s like the surface of a deep pool….it’s only a small part, the beginning of the story. Many may know that my daughter, Nova, and I founded the Knights of Sosaria and that we built our homes in Elysium, on the ruins of Paws. Few know much more about my history, and how I came to be drawn to the area. Perhaps by now you’ve guessed…

I am another survivor of the devastation of Paws.


Few people know, or ever knew, that the small town of Paws held much more than taverns and shops. Deep in the woods west of town was a small, plain looking house. Tucked away in a thicket, most never even saw that it was there; but if they did, it looked so ordinary they paid little attention to it. Just a cottage inhabited by a few old men, living out the ends of their days telling each other stories of when they were young. Or so it seemed. But hidden away inside was a great secret.

Those men weren’t just telling stories of old lovers and historic battles. They were scholars and mages who had dedicated their entire lives to hiding, protecting, and understanding an artifact far older they. They called themselves the Elysians. Long ago they had joined this sect and vowed to give their very lives for this thing.

It was book. No one knew how old it was, nor where it came from. It was titled “The Book of Destiny”. After years, even generations, no one was able to decipher any more than that. It seems the title could be easily read, but the script inside was unfamiliar to anyone who ever saw it. They didn’t know if it was in code, or some ancient language unknown to anyone living.

But why had these men, and many others before them, dedicated their lives to a book that no one could even read? What made it so special? Miraculously, the book was sentient. At least, it could speak! Which is not to say that it would converse on mundane topics of daily life or even speak all the time, but it would speak. And more, it seemed to know of things throughout the lands, and perhaps even throughout time! I gather it spoke of historic events, and even seemed to warn of dangers to come.

I don’t know much more about the book. The only reason I know of it at all is because when I was a very young boy I was befriended by Thomas, one of the Elysians. Young as I was, I’ll never forget the time he took me in to see the Book; or perhaps it was for the Book to see me, I’ll never know. I thought it was a fair bit of magic when I heard it speak, though I was chilled to the bone by what it said. “Death soon surrounds this one.” A week later, Paws was attacked.

Looking back, I think Thomas must have hoped I would succeed him. And in a way, I have. I’ve dedicated my life to finding that book. You see, during the attack on Paws The Book of Destiny disappeared.


I woke up to sounds of my father shouting in the next room. Mother was shaking me. “Wake up, wake up! We have to run!” She dragged me out of bed and into the main room. Papa pushed a large knife into my hands. It was like a sword to me. “Richard! He’s only seven!”

“Old enough, if need be. Don’t worry, you’ll both be safe there. And the Honor Guard will have word soon. Now go!” She kissed him, and grabbed me by the hand. In a daze, I tried to keep up as we ran out the back and headed through the woods. I glanced back to see my father pulling out his great viking sword that usually hung over the door.

“Orcs are attacking! And hundreds more where seen skirting ‘round the swamps. We have to go see Thomas,” she panted, “He’ll keep you safe”

As we rushed along, I remember hearing shouts in town to the south. Then some of the shouts turned to screams. We kept running. Thomas and the Elysian’s house never seemed so far.

Mother stopped short. Somewhere ahead we heard heavy footsteps, leather, and steel. Dragging me into the bushes, she said, “Stay down here. If they look this way, I’ll lead them south. When they go out of sight, run to Thomas’s house! I’ll meet you there.” I started to cry for her not to leave me, but she covered my mouth.

Orcs came around the bend at a slow trot. I had never seen an orc up close. They looked huge and mean. My hand tighten in fear around Papa’s knife. Just as they came past us, one of them stopped and turned, sniffing the air. “Remember to find Thomas” she whispered. Then Mother jumped up and ran across the path and into the trees. The orcs growled and followed her. I was frozen with shock and fear. Then finally, I got up and ran on.

I found Thomas and the others outside their house, listening to the sounds of battle in the near distance. “We have to prepare to leave”, they said.

“We can’t leave. Mother is coming! And the Honor Guard will be here soon.”

"They won’t get here in time, boy. We must protect the Book. I pray your good mother will be alright, but we must leave. And the Book tells us that you must come with us. Let’s get inside quickly!”

“Inside? I thought we had to leave? But I can’t leave my family and my home!”

Thomas comforted me, “We have to go, boy. Your parents would want you to be safe. And this is a great mission you are about to embark on.” He smiled. “We will leave by going inside. Come along and you’ll see.” We went in and he explained, “There is great power protecting this house, but even so, to protect the Book we have to prepare to teleport far away. In fact, we will prepare a spell to travel to another land. One where no other men of Brittania have yet gone. A mirror image of this world, but unknown to men. But since the Book has chosen you, I should tell you more about it, while the others prepare to leave.”

While the other Elysians packed the Book and some other belongings in backbacks, Thomas told me a little about the Book. “Some say the Book came from this other land ages ago. While the Book can talk, it often speaks in cryptic phrases that take careful study to understand. And even though the title can be read by all, we cannot yet translate the writing inside. And the Book can’t, or won’t, tell us what’s written inside. It’s believed to be a language from before all known history. Or even a language from some unknown land. We had hoped to search this alternate world for scrolls of translation that the Book tells us exist somewhere. I suppose that now we’ll get the chance to do just that. Come, it looks like we are ready.”

We sat in a circle and the men began chanting a spell unlike any I had ever heard. Then as they chanted, a stranger stepped into the circle. “I am Thornewood” he said, “I have come for the Book of Destiny! I can not let you leave!”

The Elysians looked up in fear, but they didn’t stop their chant. The one called Thornewood reached behind his head and pulled a strange wand from his pack. He held it high and also began to chant. The competing words of power rose to a crescendo just as I was covering my ears in pain and fear, Thomas pushed me back out of the circle. At that moment, it seemed there was a powerful explosion! I don’t remember much more after that.

The next thing I remember was wandering in the woods far from home. For months I struggled just to survive alone in the wilds, with occasional help from rangers and lumberjacks. I befriended a young wolf cub who’s mother was killed by hunters. As I grew, men began to call me Wolf, just like my constant companion. Eventually, I was able to find my way back to Paws. Or at least, where Paws once stood. And I found the remains of the Elysians house. There was little left of it. And certainly no sign of Thomas or the Book. But somehow I knew that the Book had not been destroyed, and vowed I would devote my life to finding it again.

And now the Book of Destiny has been found. After being gone for months, my daughter Nova returned with the Book. Then she disappeared again. I don’t know where she found the Book, or where she has gone, I can only hope she is safe and will return to us someday soon. Nova told us she was pursued by great danger and that we should keep the Book safe.

The Knights of Sosaria will devote ourselves to protecting the Book, and to understanding its revelations. And we will now search for the translation, for I hope that it may be found somewhere in Trammel. But even without it, the Book can tell us many things. Soon, when all safe precautions can be taken, we hope to make the Book of Destiny accessible to all the people of Sosaria. This is a great moment in history. And perhaps our own destiny will be revealed.

The Great War of Succession

One cannot forget the "Great War" of Succession (of Britain), fought in the early months of 2003. In perhaps the most exciting RP plot in recent memory Lord Beleth of OES claims the vacant throne of Britain and throws the whole of the community into a war for the ages. Lord Beleth, the "Daemon Lord" crowned himself King of Britain in much the same way as Napoleon Bonaparte did as emperor of the French IRL history. As a result the numerous guilds of light, led by the Kingdom of Stormhaven and the Moonglow Town Council who on the eve of the war signed a momentous treaty of alliance after years of conflict banded together to depose the upstart king. The dark guilds of evil responded in kind and formed a powerful alliance of their own and quickly occupied the City of Britain and hastily prepared for war.

Not soon after the "Grand Coalition of Light" declared against the "Dark Alliance" the forces of evil led by OES, ORC and B-H quickly attacked and sent the whole of Britain into chaos. In one of the most daring raids to date the forces of darkness struck the allies who had gathered to celebrate the alliance between SH and MTC at the Brit Fairgounds. Outnumbered, surrounded and virtually taken by suprise the allies fell victim to the onslaught and were forced to withdraw and regroup. A poorly coordinated but brave counter attack against Lord British (Beleth's) castle faltered not long after but was a morale victory for the light as they proved their resolve and ability to rebound after a crushing blow.

In the weeks that followed many skirmishes and pitched battles, including a battle at sea were fought in and around the City of Britain and the bitter fighting soon spread to the four corners of Sosaria. More and more guilds begain to take sides and enter the struggle and before long they were embroiled in one of the most intense wars in the history of the Atlantic shard. For a time the two sides plotted, gathered their forces and prepared for what was hoped to be a decisive battle that would hopefully conclude the war.

Then in early March, 2003 in one of the largest battles in recorded history the two armies collided in force and battled in the streets of Britain for 2 gruelling hours with both sides claiming victory. Bloodied and tired both armies withdrew back to their front lines and the situation stablized for a time. A few days later a smaller but more conclusive battle was fought in east Britain with the allies having held their ground and repulsed the dark attack an armistice was declared. The war formally ended when the "Daemon Lord" vacated the throne and led his armies out of Britain, the city was liberated but the threat was far from over.

As a result of the war many of the smaller guilds at the time who contribued greatly to their cause grew in strength as ironically two of the largest, SH and OES began to decline. O/S, OPG and B-H were among the guilds who benefited from their involvement in the war as it wasn't until recent that OES began to enjoy a ressurgence as did SH. Lord Beleth (OES), Cyrus (SH), Talon (O/S), Greyskull (OPG), Valkrye (OPG), Brian (B-H) and many many others did a fantastic job in planning and then executing what was a great role playing plot and conflict.
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Miscellaneous Player History (cont.)

Old Stormhaven

For years, Stormhaven was the only name in Virtue. Stormhaven featured a prime location northwest of the Britain gate, a large cluster of houses, and well-stocked vendors managed almost exclusively by Lady WINTER. Steeped in lore and ceremony, and with a prime location, Stormhaven's Citadel became the hangout spot for many of the shard's better roleplayers, whether in search of a peaceful evening of chatter or a good brawl in the practice fields out back. Stormhaven, in its prime, was widely considered the leader of the Light, the main enforcers of the Regency, and the primary target for such chaotic or evil guilds as the Order of the Ebon Skull and the Stormreaver Orcs. It was also, for a period of months, right on the heels of LLTS for largest guild on Atlantic.

People make the guild what it is, and this is also true of Stormhaven. Many famous and infamous characters emerged from Stormhaven over the years, including:

Cyrus the Holy - leading paladin of Stormhaven, de facto commander of Stormhaven's army, and one of the fastest players in the game for his time. Cyrus was best known for the incredible difficulty involved in killing him. However, his personality was not as great as his combat ability, and he was thought to be something of a power-abuser. Cyrus the Holy vanished long ago and has never returned.

Talon Skyfire - King of Stormhaven, and later Lord of Sanctus. The premier Lightbringer on the entire server for years, Talon vanished a while ago to parts unknown, only to return very recently, and without much power. Always a popular target of the Orcs, whom he would often joke with before and after fights. Equally legendary was his fondness for alcoholic beverages. There is some debate over his marriage, as it is not sure whether he and Shantel are actually cousins, and they aren't saying anything either way.

Firebomb and Surge - the two unofficial dragons of Stormhaven. Back before pets were permitted in combat, back when they were a force to be reckoned with, there were these two. Well-known for their toughness and sheer power in combat, even more well-hated because of it, they were the cause of many a controversy between Stormhaven and its enemies and the source of much bitterness towards their owner. Firebomb vanished with the coming of the Age of Shadows, though Surge is still around today.

Eldred Jonas - second-in-command of the Stormhaven Army. Widely accredited with many victories in the field and hailed for tactical insights, nobody is sure how much of the work was his and how much was Cyrus's. He was a very capable combatant, though after the collapse of Stormhaven and establishment of Sanctus, and a month or two of service as the Sanctus commander, he vanished.

James M'real - another of the leading Paladins and a widely-respected leader who was ironically associated with the Order of the Ebon Skull for a time; it is often thought by outsiders (and they were probably right) that more people listened to James than Cyrus. It is perhaps fortunate for the Kingdom that James was Cyrus's lieutenant, otherwise there would have likely been a conflict between the supporters of the two. I can't possibly do justice to the entire M'real family because of their long and complicated history, so I hope one of them will assist in clarifying. James M'real is supposedly still around.

Ormus Runesabre - a foot soldier in Stormhaven's Knights, and best-remembered for being so thoroughly disrespected by the Kingdom that his name has entered the community's jargon as an insult. To say he earned this dubious honor would be an understatement; many guilds before and after Stormhaven have similar tales of this man. He is said to still be around in some form or another.

Shantel Moon - Queen of Stormhaven and de facto leader. Remembered by many as a fair and just ruler, though the majority of her higher officers resented her authoritarian control of the Kingdom. This was especially noticeable when her entire cabinet abandoned her during the Fall of Stormhaven. Probably the second most commonly kidnapped person on Atlantic, though still leagues behind Molly Willow. Shantel Moon abandoned her Kingdom shortly after it broke up and is no longer around.

Charles Everblue - Stormhaven's recruiter. All of you know the venerable, benevolent, grandfatherly person who guides people who are lost and confused, and this was what Charles was to Stormhaven. Charles was renowned for his ability to get along with almost anyone, and was very generous and friendly to everyone. Probably the single most-beloved figure in the Kingdom, and definitely one of the most-respected figures, if not the most, in the entire community. While Charles is no longer around in the community, he is still remembered with an annual charity auction outside the game.

Other well-known characters to go through Stormhaven were William, the high priest and 'favorite uncle' of the Kingdom, Midnight Voyager ('Middy'), the ranger leader, and probably the most enigmatic person to ever belong to a Light guild, Sara (Swansong), keeper of Firebomb and Surge, Dol'Gorath, future Arcane Leader of Sanctus, Magius Darkstar, Arcane Commander, WINTER, the vendor-keeper, Malicite, future Regent, Ragnar Teach, widely thought to be one of the best pre-Age of Shadows fighters on the server, NOTHUS VICTOR, memorable for his all-caps name and his wife Kinna Nyghthawke, First Knight Sharic, and many future guild leaders and community archons.

Stormhaven's illustrious history came to a sudden and spectacular end when an ongoing dispute between Talon and Shantel resulted in the entire Stormhaven command staff leaving for Malas and establishing the new city of Sanctus.

The Midwinter Ball

In the evening aire of February 98, the first grand scale player event was held on Shard Atlantic.

The streets of Nujel'm were a thronged with merrymakers and troublemakers alike, as bardic tunes echoed across the cobblestones.

The shard itself had trouble with maintaining the energy needed to sustain the event, and it fell upon itself once or twice under the weight of the event. The powers that be worked quickly to bring the shard back online.

The Midwinter Ball

I remember sitting in a small stone house, packing brightly colored bags with ale and victuals to be handed to the attendees. There were four or five of us working around the clock to prepare for the event.

It was my fondest memory of UO, and it is one of the reasons why I returned to Atlantic, though many of those who adopted my last name went to Siege Perilous.

Indeed, it is good to be home.

Timeline of the Atlantic Roleplay Community (Under Construction)

2007 Events

* Lord Kotare mysteriously returns from the dead.

* Sanctus and Luna declare war on Umbra.

* Stormreaver Orcs presence confirmed. Sanctus no longer delcares war on Moonglow.

* Baron Thrax of Papau initiates a string of lycan hunts in the Papua territory.

* Lich Lord Darrien Church walks the land once more. Summons forth the Daemon Lord Beleth to his aid. Together, they form a new following of Oblivion, The Damned. This serves as a foundation for a second Shadow Conclave, which includes the Stormreaver Orcs, the Zog Cabal, and Umbra. The Wraith Lord Bailos is also freed from his prison.

* Sanctus immediately opposes the new threat, a new alliance of light guilds is formed. The Consensus of Light comprised of Sanctus and Luna, as well as various other good based guilds.

* The princess of Sanctus is killed in a ritual by the Damned.

2006 Events

* Stormreaver Orc sightings.

* Molly Kaldhel gives birth.

* Saidhe Skyfire gives birth to twins, boy and girl.

* Molly Willow marries Will Kaldhel in Nujel'm Palace garden, Tram.

* Talon Skyfire marries Saidhe the Pixie.

* Civil unrest occurs over the control of Moonglow.

* Trial of William for his ordered attack on Skara. He is found guilty.

* Several occurrences of attacks and many times body parts are left strewn in various places.

* Reports of a new presence of control in Umbra.

* Empress Rryn and Emporer Tai go their separate ways, dividing the islands of Tokuno.

* Lady Molly is frozen by an unknown enchantment.

* Attack on Queen Wicked Rose, supposedly by a follower of Demon God Oggaroth.

* Penny M'real gives birth to twins, Cecilia and Zanto M'real

* Arrest by Isk of Priest of Oggaroth.

* Due to an error in communication, the Priest of Oggaroth is set free.

* Ghost becoming sighted at various times, some think it resembles the Late Lord Kotare.

* Ritual combining the Virtues and Druids' beliefs performed to free Molly from her frozen sleep.

* Umbrans and Sanctans battle during Regency meeting.

* Lord Isk of Magincia jailed.

* Sanctus declares an open state of war with Moonglow Town Council.

2005 Events

* Dark Order dissolves.

* Civil war occurs over the control of Nujel'm.

* Lord Darrien Church, High-Priest of Oblivion is usurped by his former student, Norture with the aid of the Wraith Lord Bailos and is presumed destroyed.

* Order of the Ebon Skull seemingly dissolves.

* Vaen Swiftar falls into Abyss, but returns.

* Stormreaver Orc Clan seemingly dissolves after the death of the last remaining orc, Grig'nag da Mojo.

* Rryn Anayi, Empress of Zento marries Tai Otori...gives birth to triplets (2 girls, 1 boy)

* Grig'nag da Mojo dies.

* Lord Kotare dies.

* Mark Randerstill dies.

* James M'real marries Penny.

2004 Events

* A black mist covers Dark Cove, killing all it touches and transforming them into shadow wraiths. The area is almost completely abandoned.

* War in Yew that consists of Yew Liberation Forces, aided by the Legion of Justice and the ALV. The liberation forces win the war after several battles. The armies defeated were The Stormreaver Orcs and The Dark Order.

* Sanctus taken over by Lord Bailos, the Wraith Lord (OES). Eventually, the town was liberated by a conglomeration of lightbringers, through much secret planning and recruiting. Lord Bailos fled, taking many of the treasures he found within the city with him.

2003 Events

* War in Luna. Dark Order versus Sanctus.

* "Great War" of Succession (of Britain)
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Other History

Stratics Resources

Town Cryer Articles

A lot of Atlantic's history can be found in Town Cryer Articles:

UO Stratics - BNN Archives - Town Cryer Archive

Atlantic Items and Artifacts

UO Stratics - Stories & Secrets - Items & Artifacts - Atlantic

Atlantic Seer and NPC Biographies

UO Stratics - Biographies - History - Biographies

Stratics Unique Locations Listings


Church of Oblivion

Wyrm's One Good Eye Tavern

Dragon Claw Tavern

Dragon Tooth Tavern


Serpent's Cross Tavern

Leiah's Rune Library

Atlantic Mage Tower


Temple of the Avatar

Wandering Wisp Tavern

Wintermoor Museum

West Yew University

Gargish Dragon's History

Gargish Dragon shares the following links :

The Movement Quest

This was run on Atlantic in August 98 by Seer Little and included a large part which was runnung during 1 week and solving it gave time and place for the final live event. The great report was done by Garulfo.

Ultima Online - Screenshots

Seekers of the Wisp and the Conference

Eye in the Storm - First Conference of the Seekers of the Wisps

Dragon Quests

These were run by the Ultima Dragons, an ancient Ultima fan club (Ultima Dragons -- Internet Chapter), many living in Rivendell.

http://uo.stratics.com/xena/ (Stories)

The FOA quest on Atlantic

Famous was the large group of people guarding chests for several days.

The Hulkster fights

Starr Long alias Lord Blackthorn remembers this fight


Green Acres Arena

A special arena was construction in "Green Acres", which later became the Lost Lands. Special monuments allowed player to teleport to the area. Remains of the arena used for the "rematch" actually appeared in the Lost Lands on Europa later.

The Yew Town Council

This link contains history of the early Council, starting from June 1998 and including Lord British's visit in March 1999.

UO Stratics - BNN Archives - Lord British addresses the Town Council - Atlantic - March 22nd 1999

A Final Note

A huge thank you goes out to Avenhar and Andrasta for originally compiling all this info before the forum crash, as well as Seer Nikademus, Lord Goodman, GreyPawn, Sir Robert, Ceinwyn, Gargish Dragon, and many more.

Some posts and history were lost, and if your post or information wasn't ported over into the new history thread, please feel free to add it here.
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Greetings and well met!

Please feel free to leave a reply to this post with an advertisement for your Altantic Guild.

You may want to add what kind of Guild you are running

  • PVE
  • PVP
  • RP

Other useful Information could include:
  • Location of your Guildhouse
  • Events
  • Guild hunts
  • Raids
  • History & Lore of your Guild

Also, be sure to give your readers a method to contact you!

If you want to discuss a Guild listed in here, then please do so in either:
In a New Thread
Or via PM
Or some other chat means

All right, now i would like to see some massive Guild advertisement !!

Keep it clean and enjoy,


Alagos Galadrim

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The Order of Sanjira is an Ultima Online PVM/light roleplaying guild based in the Atlantic shard. We promote team cooperation and adventuring to help each other grow and prosper. We openly welcome new players with little or no experience that wish to learn, and will do everything possible to help them grow. We are involved in RP events and community hunts.

If you are interested in our guild, check our website, http://orderofsanjira.proboards.com/, for further information.
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MiNi MaGi

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We run a small but very effective team. Always doing something as in PvP and/or PvM. Having a red character is a must(or be willing to go red) and we are also faction based (SL). Must have/beable to get UOAM and VENT. My guild is mainly veteran PvPrs who can handle fighting ATL zerg forces(norm 2-3v1). But I welcome all PvP/PvM levels to join! I enjoy teaching/training people to pvp.

or feal free to pm me.


The Syndicate - http://www.LLTS.org
Established: Feb 1996
Member Count: ~625 adult (avg age 33 years old) members

The Syndicate is among the oldest guild's in all of online gaming. We are not solely an Ultima Online guild. We are a virtual community that spans multiple games; runs our own studio for Prima Games; has a number of contractual relationships with game developers for consulting and feedback; hosts annual conferences for its members and developers; and has many members who are MMO developers including several UO team members.

What do we offer to members?

Ultima Online - This was our first major game and it maintains a very important place in our community. We anticipate maintaining a strong presence in UO for years to come. We have around 200 adult members participating in the game right now. There are members who pvp all the time; pve all the time; are heavy into crafting etc... In short, you will find players that enjoy every aspect of the game within the team. We have an extremely robust communications system (voice and text) that is private to members only. We run a large number of regular events (one or more things pretty much every day) for members. We run a number of community events since we believe in giving back to the community and to helping Atlantic shard stay strong.

Opportunities - Beyond UO, there are many opportunities within The Syndicate. Our Prima Studio is one that many members get involved in. They get paid for their work as part of the studio and have the chance to make a positive impact on the community. Our developer relationships are another big area members get involved in. Anyone can sign up for a public beta but typically by the time that phase comes along, The Syndicate has been working behind the scenes for months to help move the game development along. We have formalized relationships with quite a few developers. And, of course, there is our presence in other MMOs so should you ever play those too you have a guild membership for them already in place.

Community - We are a team of friends. That is a core value of the guild and something we take very seriously. Our community extends well beyond the borders of UO. We have monthly dinners around the country. We have two LAN parties each year. And we host a large annual conference (since 2002) attended by 150+ members and 20-30 developers. It is a massive 5 day event full of tours, round tables, feedback sessions etc... The 2009 conference, for example, features G4TV filming, Richard Garriott (aka: Lord British) speaking; two dozen other developers attending; tours of several major development studios; more than $6,000 in charity raffle prizes; Ten Ton Hammer filming; multiple private sessions with developers on specific game design and consulting projects. It is an amazing time and something unique that Syndicate members enjoy.

The Syndicate is a gaming community like no other. We have a firm commitment to Ultima Online and look forward to many more years of fun and community on Atlantic Shard. Seek us out in game or visit our site to apply to join.


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
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Campaign Benefactor
United We Fight is an adult, purely-PvM guild whose charter emphasizes fun, fellowship, and mutual support. Our large membership is a diverse group, ranging in age from 18 to late-70s and hailing from all over the United States and throughout the world. As a result of our size and international membership, we always have something going on.

As an adult guild, we carefully avoid heavy-handed rules. Our perspective is, as subscription-paying adults, you should be able to play as you choose. Essentially, we have three basic rules: 1) don't PK guild mates, 2) don't steal from or scam guild mates, and 3) mind your p's and q's in guild chat. That's it. Aside from these standards, all we ask is that our members interact as adults--e.g., talk through problems, treat one another with respect, and avoid stirring up needless drama. In UWF, we're just a group of adults trying to have some fun.

We offer nightly hunts at 9:00 PM EST every night, as well as a numebr of irregular events. No hunts or guild meetings are mandatory, but our members are invited to all of them. As a PvM guild, we realize that we are not everyone's cup of tea. For example, some folks don't like large guilds, while others gravitate toward fel ventures. Realizing this, our members are welcome to bring characters in and out of the guild as they deem fit. They are also welcome to have toons in other guilds. Many of our members have alts in some of the larger PvP guilds, including HOT/HEAT, TDT, LNR, COL, etc. Again, you pay to play the game--you should be able to play it how you want.

I don't want to talk UWF up too much. We have our flaws and there are other great guilds on Atlantic. I really enjoy it, though. We're a pretty good bunch, assuming everyone takes their meds. Here is the address to our website: www.united-we-fight.com. We also have a page on Stratics, which is available here. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in our public forum: http://vboards.stratics.com/united-we-fight/.


"Ultima Online's Most Hated"

UoMH is correctly named Uo's Most Hated, prodominantly because I am the guildmaster. I'm looking for pvp based players that work well with others, no egos, no bickering, and no BS. I need people that can coordinate templates and operate templates under any given circumstance effectively. I'd like to accomplish a group of 7 to 12 pvpers that play well together IE: Crosshealing, effectively raiding spawns, Always in UOAM and Vent (when in game). I will also need some accomplished crafters (Imbuers, Tailoers, and Blacksmiths) , these guys will provide a huge service to the guild, in return they will be rewarded with resources (Imbueing) and the ability to spawn and do generally whatever they'd like in a felluca based enviroment.

If you fit this build, feel free to ICQ me @ 455270185.


LBI : Legendary Bodybaggers Inc

We are a PvP - Spawn - Raiding guild

We have been around since pre Aos and have the legacy stone on our guildhouse property.....

We currently are at war with pretty much the entire shard.....

and more......

We have an allied faction guild that is still pretty small and is undergoing a faction change to a different faction.....

We have no house in Yew to hide in like most who brag about this ability...as we feel house hiding is the opposite of PvP and more like a race to see if they can make it from house to house without being killed.....

80% of the guild plays reds and we are quite active as of today.....

UOAM and Ventrilo are required as is common courtesy and respect towards one another.....

We will not tolerate drama. egos, or any other type of BS......
Team Players are what we are looking for to have fun in the game.....and we have formed many a friendships amongst us along the way.....

We can not promise you to be the biggest best guild on the shard, but we can offer you a real and true fun experience of UO....

If this sounds like you and you want to try it out....pm me and we will make contact with you so you can start enjoying the game like never before....

Forums are under construction and shall be up soon.....


Stratics Veteran

I`m not well versed with self advertisment but here goes.
All adult guild
both PVM & PVP
no RP
daily guild hunts
some peerless
some doom
more beer
some fel champs
even more beer.

All recruiting is done ingame
latch onto a Ni member to see about joining.

Kal'iksix Viaxus

Atlantic's one and only Drow guild....(at least for now)

Qu'ellar D' Alean'und is a RP/PvP guild, open to allow players to be either one or the other or both if one desires. RP is closely related to more of the lore that is written with regards to how a drow house is run. A matron mother heads the house, males are inferior to females, and followers the spider queen, Lolth.

Other useful Information:
Websites:http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=289367&TabID=2426894 and http://www.atlanticcommunityboard.com/forum/index.php

Located: One can find the Drow City, Shinduago Charnaggen, beginning just off the Eastern Umbran bridge with the cannon platform. If the mini map is open, all drow houses can be distinguished by the spiders on the rooftops and the red and black house signs. The city also has it's own city banner and consists of a tavern, barracks, temple of the spider queen, Matron's palace, and various other guild member's houses.

If you would like more information or if you have questions, please contact me via ICQ, PM, or email.

Thank you.


The Guilds/Establishments section should include mention of The Syndicate and the island city of Arx Draconis.

The Syndicate & Arx Draconis: The Syndicate was founded before the first pre-alpha test of Ultima Online and has been engaged in UO throughout it's history. Some of the community related activities include: Working with the EA team at the time, the first player owned house was purchased and placed (and is still standing as of Oct 2010) in the remote wilds near Minoc. It is of the original design where you can hear what is said inside the house through the walls. The Syndicate started Craftsman Day many years ago where item creates and repairs were offered free of charge to those who needed them. The event was widely copied and has existed on most servers, run by many guilds, and benefiting many players since those days. The original Treasure Map Rune library was created by Syndicate members and placed on Arx Draconis. The first player run city was established and was known as Arx Draconis. For Atlantic shard, after Covetous died down as 'the place to be' before "Server Downs", Arx Draconis became the hotspot for some months. Each day when "the server is going down soon "message popped up, dozens of players would converge there for free-for-all PvP knowing everything would be wiped out and reset once the server bounced. Arx Draconis also became known for the Lottery events that were held there and for the Fight Night events held on the large tower roof. During the first incarnation of Seers and Elders, Arx Draconis was also a hot spot for Monster invasions. Large numbers of monsters were spawned in the "T2A" tunnel (back before there was a T2A to connect it to) and then at the start of the event they were gated onto the island (back when you could gate monsters) by the Elders and Seers forming a tidal wave of nasty creatures for players to gather and kill.


Seasoned Veteran
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Stratics Legend
Guild = Town of Yew

Purpose = anything and everything, but to create events and fun and help around the Yew area.

History = instead of writing history, best to just read what others said. http://vboards.stratics.com/uo-atlantic/95919-atlantic-history-thread.html

The old guildstone was a guild but not a guild. Was a organization formed from several other guilds and it has been ran by people from Yew or even outside guilds over the years. There is an town council for events, Yew Militia which helps people or in days past protected player towns when there was just felucca aswell many other things. Then there is the citizen side, which is moslty guildmembers or people who are traders and just enjoy the Yew area.

Yew is in an alliance with TWT which invites us all on hunts or whatever else someone decides to go. Both groups are pretty much one big family and always seem helpful and things to do.

We sort of and sort of not a role playing guild. Mostly I expect is to show respect to whomever you run across.

You can contact us on our forumns in the Town of Yew listing if intersted or any questions.

Sosarian Empire Allience Forums • Index page

Lothar of Malas Univ

I am now holding limited guild invites for the Barons of Umbra. With our college students and boys over seas we have a few spots open for good people.

Pvm in nature, we are a strong guild with some of the best and strongest members in Ultima Online. Also backed by one of the most amazing alliances I have ever had the pleasure to play with. We are also small, quality over quantity.

Looking for older players and returning players. If you are in a large guild and tired of just blending into the background noise, and want to show off your talents then we might be the group for you.

I would love to meet you and talk more about the guild. Just toss me a PM and we can go from there!


The thread has been cleaned up of posts from inactive guilds (those that do not register on a myuo search) and dead guild-website links have been removed. If you feel that your guild should not have been removed, please send me a PM and I will make an effort to restore it.


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor
O. Activities that are against any games' Terms of Service or the User Agreement are prohibited from being promoted or advertised on our network. This includes, but is not limited to
  • third party programs
  • game item sales for real world goods
  • power leveling services
  • unapproved modifications to game client/s
  • and/or links to such items
HOT's forums allow the sale of items for real-world goods. Accordingly, we do not allow links to it on Stratics. This has been the case for at least the two and a half years since I returned--probably longer.


Legion of Chaos (!)

Legion was started roughly mid 04. We started the guild as a means to get people who otherwise would not be able to do champ spawns, to do so. We eventually were one of the Top 10 Guilds on the Atlantic shard, and stayed that way until a little thing called 'life' reared its ugly head, and we were forced to put the guild on hiatus, until now!
Currently, we are working to build our ranks. We are still a Fel based guild but enjoy many other things the game has to offer besides just PvPn. If you are interested in getting to know a great group of people and want to help make Legion (!) a successful guild once again, then please drop me an ICQ.

Our requirements are simple! Bring a great attitude and be a team player, whenever you log in.

We use UO Automap and Teamspeak.

ICQ me anytime, or shoot me a PM on here. Thanks!


The Black Tower Guild (*)

Hail all,
The Black Tower Guild established in October of 2006 continues to thrive and stand strong. Our guild house is based in Tokuno on one of the islands off the mainland of Homare-Jima. Our guild has a rich history of alliances and enemies. We have weathered the storm and have established ourselves as one of the main guilds in Atlantic. Our main focus is one of helping new players and returning veterans that may need a home where they can find support in every aspect of the game. We are one of the few guilds who value and help our members and do not tolerate nor allow cheating, stealing or player killing within our guild or alliance. We have an excellent group that enjoys peace but stands ready to defend our guild at a moments notice. The Black Tower Guild will continue to make a strong presence in Atlantic and is here to stay. Many enemies have tried to bring us down but ALL have failed, we are still standing. If you require further information regarding our guild contact a Black Tower Member in game............ Lightningstrike

Sebastian (BMC)

Britannian Mining Company

This guild speaks for itself...

Were basically a bunch of old vets that are nasty, dirty, filthy, rotten scoundrels. Were also a crew of honest and rich players that sports a democratic system embedded in the titled ranks.

First formed in Ultima VII and later founded online June 6, 1998, The Britannian Mining Company (BMC for short) was an agency operation in Britannia during the time of Ultima VII which oversaw the excavation of industrial ores from various sites throughout the kingdom.

At the time of the Avatar's adventures in the early Age of Armageddon, the BMC had two active mines within the kingdom. One, operating out of Minoc under the supervision of Gregor, was processing ores found within the corridors of the Dungeon Covetous - which included the covert extraction of the magic-nullifying blackrock, a mineral being used by BMC-affiliated Fellowship members to build various devices for the Guardian. In this key mining site, fast and inexpensive labor was crucial to maintaining the illicit blackrock production, and to this end gargish workers were routinely drugged with silver serpent venom, that they might work for longer hours. The haste of the enterprises also resulted in a great deal of waste runoff into the local river, which contributed significantly to the pollution of Cove's Lock Lake in the years before the passage of prohibitive legislation regarding such dumping.

The second mine, operating near the newly resettled town of Vesper under Cador, appeared more modest in the scope of its endeavors, and seemingly had fewer unsavory labor practices, despite the rampant racial tensions of the nearby settlement. Curiously, Batlin would describe this site in his Book of Fellowship, as being the head branch of the BMC - an odd statement given its comparative size and remoteness to the Minoxian branch. It may be that such a claim was made by the Fellowship leader as a means of misdirection, given that the bulk of blackrock extraction appeared to be taking place in Covetous.

Eventually, the years of the Reformation turned the public gaze onto all BMC operations, as the adventures of the Avatar regarding the black gate had done much to expose the exploitative practices of the company. In the year following the dismantling of the Fellowship, much was reportedly done to adjust the labor laws as regarded mining, with mayor Burnside taking a lead role in the reforms.

In the years that followed, however, the ravages of the Imbalance and the Great Cataclysm dramatically changed the landscape of the world, causing the land which once held Vesper to sink into the ocean and destroying the original City of Sacrifice in the upheavals of the earth. Decades later, during the Avatar's return in Ultima IX no record or trace of the Britannian Mining Company could be found, although abandoned blackrock mines (which had apparently operated publicly for some time) were still present within Covetous' depths.
[Work cited: The Codex of Ultima Wisdom, a wiki for Ultima and Ultima Online]

In the guild's online play we have endeavored to bring the ingot and other mined goods to market at competative rates. We have a treasury that acts as a silver exchange in game and a Capitol south of Luna where all members enjoy rent-free vendor placement if they are selling the mined goods that the BMC General Assembly has agreed to stock.

Our ranks include, but not limited to, blacksmith's, imbuer's, tailor's, tanner's, lumberjack's, and of course miner's.

We dont discriminate against members that also have toons in other guilds. Were not here to swell our ranks with numbers, were here to run a business and were always interested in making new business friends that have a mature head on their shoulders for business.

If your a merchant and want to become part of a group of people that watch each other's backs in the financial realm of Ultima Online, drop by and see us. Were usually hanging around New Haven or Luna.


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Golden Fang Casino

Golden Fang Casino (RP)

A guild with one soul purpose of running an in game casino. Always looking for dealers, waiters/waitress, dancers, etc. We get together every sat. for a casino night. Icq me if interested #355707687

Jeradin Kindhart

The Order of the Crimson Storm

Hear ye, hear ye! The Order of the Crimson Storm is now recruiting. We are a PvM guild that focuses on exploration, questing, dungeon raiding and helping our fellow man or woman. As of the moment we have no guild house, but that should be solved soon.
As for roleplaying it is not required that you participate if you are not into it. Although I am interested in allying with other guilds so that we could all work together to get some in game events going.
I plan on putting as much time and effort into this as possible so I dont believe anyone will be dissapointed that joins us. And I dont plan on leaving UO for a very long time (they will have to kick me off lol) so you can rest assured we will be here when you log on each day.
Just pointing out once again this is a brand new guild, so alot of the perks players are used to getting from the richer / bigger guilds might not be available right away. But I will personally work my butt off to see that my members are taken care of, it might be out of my ability at present but im sure i know someone who can help.
ALSO OTHER GUILDS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IN GAME AT LUNA OR HAVEN BANKS TO DISCUSS ANY KIND OF IN GAME EVENTS. Will work on getting an ICQ up and running ASAP and reply to this post with the number.

Farewell and Safe travels!

Jeradin Kindhart

Re: The Order of the Crimson Storm

Alright Have a guild house setup for C+S (The Order of The Crimson Storm) now, great location for new members to work on Carpentry, Tinkering, Mining and Blacksmithing without being interrupted by anything. Also have full operational shops for all crafting needs on bottom floor, open to public of course, guild members will get chests to keep their materials in while crafting so you dont have to keep running back and forth.
As for non-crafters, we have a tavern on the second floor for socialising and everything else that comes with hanging out in a Tavern, will be opening it to the public soon also. Also have full runebooks for Dungeons, Cities, Great vendors i've found, and a Gold hunting runebook collection starting at monsters that drop 300 up to 1000 gold per kill.
Not to mention I am very active so there will usually ALWAYS be something going on.. Hope to get some good members to get this thing going.

Captn Norrington

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Knights Of The Valorian Order [*VK*]

The guild has been around about one and a half years, we currently have 200+ members, and are one of the well known guilds on Atlantic. the guild is mainly PVM, with a small PVP section, although all character types are welcome, (with the exception of thieves) The guilds rules are simple, #1 stealing from or scamming anyone, whether they are in the guild or not, is not allowed. #2 killing members without their permission is not allowed. #3 griefing any person, or event, whether guild related or not, is not allowed. The guildhall is a castle located south of trammel yew moongate, if you are interested in joining please either ICQ me at 678566021, leave a message on the guildhall bulletin board, or leave a message on the bulletin board at my in town luna home located directly across from the southern exit.


I'd like to update this list here, the Buoy near Ocllo is GONE!

A GM removed it after Della and I were gating to tram from there and murdering those who walked through. It was a lot of fun, then a GM showed up and moved us to Brit gate. Our rune didn't work after that so we checked it by boat.

We were proud being catalysts in modifying Atlantic's landmarks and history. Let it be known, now and forever, Della and I had the buoy removed!



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My addendum to the Atlantic history thread:


The Time of Bennu

(...Narcissus redux)

Wheras Narcissus though remembered, was a fleeting shadow. The time of the Bennu seemed like an age, an epoch. We began with an older Archaeologist, and as time went on hints to earlier times became more and more obvious, and old stories and legends became new again. We visited forgotten places in the world, and gave them new focus and renewed interest. We killed a Queen, we crowned a King, we nearly made a little boy King. We raised the banner of war, and we cried at personal tragedy and loss. We played politics, we wrestled with issues of morality. We lampooned issues in the real world, and we explored the vagaries of time and temporal causality. A rich plot begun decades ago, continued and continued and continued, enjoyed in whole or in part by thousands upon thousands.

Behind the scenes, Bennu was a champion against corruption and favoritism, wanting only to tell stories and do what was best for the community and the EM program. Hopefully to be remembered by his peers as a fair and honest... although eccentric, gentleman.

In his first run, he didn't get to say goodbye, but reborn into Britannia as Bennu, he was finally able to say goodbye in his own way.
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