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(OT) Stepping away as Governor of New Magincia


Ok by now most yall know I wont be going for a 4th term as Governor of New Magincia.

First off let me state the past 3 terms have been the time of my life, so much has changed there and many of em for the better and I couldnt of expected better to be fair. New Mag now has a resurrection place for those times when scalis kicks butt. Theres more vendor activity in there now and more interest in our little island which wasnt there before. I am saddened ofc that time does not allow me to be able to plan or attend events regularly and its one reason I have decided not to run again the other is simply its time for fresh blood, fresh ideas and I am encouraged by our new Governor to be.

Other side ofc there has been sadness when we lost our beloved Crafty paps an event of which still saddens me to this day yet I remember the day (sadly i didnt get the screenshot) proudly when all the governors were there to remember him and stood for a moment of silence. I will never forget it.

Thank you everyone for the encouragement these past 3 terms of fun, scandal, intrigue and ofc rp :)

I'll be around still and will attend all events when time permits :)