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Soulstones and Skills for Siege


I am looking at possibly buying a bunch of Soulstones so I can change templates and do different things. How many Soulstones would be considered average on Siege? I am currently a fisherman but insterested in making a tamer here and possibly do some other stuff. What are some fun and useful templates here? I haven't done much other than fishing and some basic crafting.


You always want at least one extra soulstone over the skills you want so you have a "floater" to take a skill off and put another on. As for average on Siege, it really depends on how many accounts you want to run, and what type of setup you want to do. I run two accounts, with one account as my crafter and the second account as my main character. I have around sixteen soulstones on my main account so I can swap skills out, replacing the 4-5 toons I would normally run on a production shard. However, I would go slowly and try to plan which skills you need and then get the soulstones you need for them. Send me a message on Discord or PM me here and I can help you with your planning.