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[Selling] [Sonoma] Felucca Keep - Open House


Pictured above - Dante Gabriel Rossetti ----AKA--Artistic-rendition-of---- Glorious Lady Tui La Legendary Tamer - Merchant of Grandeur
Beata Beatrix c.1864–70

Life in Trammel can be peaceful,
but a life in Felucca more rewarding ?

Every so often a prime location such as this enters the market.


Sonoma was given the first glimpse, now open to all who are interested.

This keep of exceptional quality (exceptional) - Engraved E X C E P T I O N A L
will soon be made public, any and all can roam it.
(Friends of the keep, please keep in mind any ole riff raff may show up as of tonight)

A board will be left public within the keep should anyone care to place offers or ask questions.

If you would rather PM me here on stratics instead, you may.
I will attempt to be prompt in my response to your inquiries.

An exceptional keep awaits you in Sonoma,
should you choose.

- One complimentary fruit basket with purchase !
- some rules and restrictions may apply

Cross Posted due to relevance.
[Price Check] - A Fel Keep of exceptional quality