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felucca house

  1. DeBruce

    Europa Euro Felucca Castle on Ice Island (near Honesty) for Sale

    Cheers, i sell this very nice located Castle next to honesty shrine. You can turn this into other new Castle designs easily with securely Replacement. Taking Offers via ICQ# 74624095 THX!
  2. DeBruce

    [Selling] Europa Castle by Water/Felucca for Sale

    Hello, i sell this nice Castle for a friend of me on Europa Felucca. -Ice Island on west side by Water...great for High Seas ! And Mountains on the east... -Felucca -not much crowded or blocked -New Castle Design placed (54 mill !!) -We asking for 150mill... please contact ICQ : 380253133...
  3. DeBruce

    [Selling] Europa Felucca Castle for Sale

    Hi, i sell this nice located fel Castle on Euro... start Bid is 100 mill Send me your offers here or ICQ for fast Sale ICQ# 74624095 thx! :)
  4. DeBruce

    [Selling] 4 Sale Euro/Felucca Castle by Water

    Hiya, i sell this nice located Felucca Castle on Euro/Ice Island on the South/West Side. Dungeon Deceit is not far away. Im asking 100mill OBO for it. Please Send request to ICQ: 74624095 thx you
  5. Kupoking

    [Selling] [Sonoma] Felucca Keep - Open House

    Pictured above - Dante Gabriel Rossetti ----AKA--Artistic-rendition-of---- Glorious Lady Tui La Legendary Tamer - Merchant of Grandeur Beata Beatrix c.1864–70 Life in Trammel can be peaceful, but a life in Felucca more rewarding ? Every so often a prime location such as this enters the...
  6. T

    [Selling] Felucca 3 story 18 x 15 for Sale (Bigger as tower)

    Located in a quit area in the Nothern Forrests. No pasted Neighbors, some room between. No housespot in front that blocks the door vieuw. Included : 5 runes to the house. Price : 25 milion Icq : 715 923 920 (Alfred)