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[Discordance] Skill Gain Question


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I started to work Disco from 100 to 120 with the Bard Mastery Tribulation running with UOAssist. I have been getting good gains until I hit 114.7. Now the best I can do is 1 tenth per hour with casting Tribulation every 4 sec. I run this 40 times, then stop to regen mana, then repeat. I am doing it this way so I don't have to use Med or Focus and my total skill points is under 500. Is 1 tenth per hour normal, or is there something else I can try aside from animals in the wild?

Thanks, Katrena


Slightly Crazed
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My last time went faster, but not by much. I had only disco, music, med and focus on the character. I also had 29 mana regen and 40 lmc. I basically cast it every 1.5 secs or so (as fast as I could on myself without getting a casting delay). I'd say in the end I was gaining anywhere from .2-.6 per hour, depends on how the GGZ and RNG roll for you.


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The rule of thumb that I use when training is 72 hour (three days) of training from 100 to 120.
So 100-110 in 24 hours
100-112 in 24 hours
Then 112-120 in 24 hours
Estimates mind you.