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[Blacksmithing] Runic Re-Forging (target 5% HCI + Fire Resist)


Need some advice here....

Using Shadow Hammers
Sublime Re-Forging (choosing two named properties)
NOT Structural (I want to be able to Powder it up)
When I select two names properties and choose Fortified/Defense and Viciousness/slaughter... the best HCI that seems to pop with the added resist property is 4%.

Again using Shadow Hammer - When I choose just the one named property I have gotten 5% HCI on its own after a couple of tries.

I've burned through a few shadow hammers trying to get 5% + added resist. Is it even possible? Thought I better check in here before wasting another hour. I'm really looking to over-cap fire resist to at least 19 with 5% HCI

Using DC hammers... only seem to get me 3% HCI.
Using Copper hammers I cant choose Viciousness/Slaughter (HCI).

Any advice or experience in getting both over capped resist and 5% HCI through re-forging?


You can't do it with Shadow hammers.
Using Copper hammers and select one name properties and choose Fortified/Defense.
This one, +15 Physical Resist( It will add pre re-forging number.) and +5 HCI. I needed 800 charges of copper hammer at Test Center.