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[Suggestion] Rising Colossus!


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Can you make it last longer or make it harder to dispel? Its a bit easy for some mobs to dispel imo and it lasts a bit short.

Rainfo X

Yeah... I tested it on Test Center because I was interested in using Arcane Empowerment - a Spellweaving spell that makes Summons have more Hitpoints and Harder to Dispel - and then making that a "Summoner" character. But EVs, Natures Fury, and the Rising Colossus STILL got dispelled at a way high rate. Not to mention my Mana was hard to manage. Because it takes 5/5 slots it should be slightly harder to be dispelled than it currently is IMO, so yes, I agree. :)