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Returning player


Stratics Veteran
Hi all,

I returned maybe a month ago after a few years away, and I'm getting the fun of UO back again!

I'm looking to get back into tailor and Smith bods, does anyone have bods they want to sell or get rid of ?

Also, I'd like to join a guild or just a group, to do stuff here and there, some hunting and such. Can someone help me out with it ?

Thanks !


Slightly Crazed
I am huge into bod rewards and filling bods.
If you’re looking for just the rewards I do sell them at the Brit moongate library.
But if you want bods I am still setting it up but do have some for sale in Luna at my bod building. If you are in Luna I have a house inside the walls on the south side. All of them are inside with names of people ache type of vendor along with normal and exceptional bods in different vendors. I haven’t finished organizing them but there is a ton already there. Please fee free to stop and check them out. Most don’t sell the bods just use them for storage but that’s not the intention of this house.

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