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[Auction] Rare - Event Atlantic 5 " Auction Closed"


Looking for a whispering rose for Little
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Supporter
188.large vase 5 stones (Server births) -6m

189.Vase 5 stones (Server births) -6m


Always Present
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Got a sacred banana cream pie but thank you! I am still in on the other items!


Stratics Veteran
160.Black Widow Spider 70m
165.A dark power crystal 70m
166.Clockwork Assembly 70m
158.Magical door (real ) 70m


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
158.Magical door (real )-71mill
160.Black Widow Spider-71mill
187.Painting of a boy called "Addie" walking hand in hand with the time lord into the ethereal void-76mill
190.Wall carving *2-56mill


Stratics Veteran
158.Magical door (real ) 80M
160.Black Widow Spider 80M
165.A dark power crystal 80M
168.A Bell Painted by Santa's Elves (Catskills 2010) 5M
171.Meer Urn 5M
159.Stone Arms of Virtue Bane 5M
187.Painting of a boy called "Addie" walking hand in hand with the time lord into the ethereal void 80M
188.large vase 5 stones (Server births) 10M
189.Vase 5 stones (Server births) 10M
194.Shillelagh Carved from a Branch of the Giving Tree - Atlantic, December 2011 5M
177.An eel pie 5M
178.Jukan Urn 5M
175.Blood Pie Blessed 5M

Avery Chessy

Stratics Veteran
Avery Chessy,

what time CET will this auction end?

The Scandinavian
The Normal 10 minute rule will apply. The auction for that individual item will continue until ten minutes elapses with no further bids. The Time clock in the forum posts will be the deciding timer.

Auction will end Saturday 11-16-2013 7Pm EST

Happy Bidding