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[Auction] Rare - Event Atlantic 5 " Auction Closed"


Lore Keeper, Wiki Maker, & Doer of Crazy Things
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Because you all keep bidding lower then the other one...and reposting a new bid after!
Happens to me all the time, stratics doesn't update even with a refresh until after I post, then it'll refresh properly (and I see I was too low the first time).

Avery Chessy

Stratics Veteran
151. Happy Halloween 4gregu 10M-

4gregu 10M

152.Agent of corruption communication device (Earrings) claudia-fjp 50M
164.Jukan Tapestry claudia-fjp 20M
187.Painting of a boy called "Addie" walking hand in hand with the time lord into the ethereal void claudia-fjp 202M

claudia-fjp 272M

153.Gold Medalist 2nd All - Britannia Olympics Blessed Kolka 25M
154.Moonberry Rose Kolka 80M
161.Happy Easter 2010 From EM Elizabella And EM Malachi Kolka 55M
181.Sacred Banana Pie Blessed Kolka 150M

Kolka 310M

155.Pouch kongomongo 11M
156.Singing ball of bedlam kongomongo 42M
159.Stone Arms of Virtue Bane kongomongo 7M

kongomongo 60M

157.Meer Heirloom Vase brianfreud2 10M
169.Soap brianfreud2 10M
171.Meer Urn brianfreud2 8M
178.Jukan Urn brianfreud2 7M
180.Mesanna's cream pie Blessed brianfreud2 6M
184.Mesanna's cream pie Blessed brianfreud2 8M
192.Ruined Jukan Tome / Ruined Meer Tomes brianfreud2 14M
200.A deed for a vendor named Subrey brianfreud2 2M

brianfreud2 65M

158.Magical door (real ) Orich 81M
175.Blood Pie Blessed Orich 9M
197.Full Set Mini House Deed ( 19 deed ) Orich 31M
199.A Magical Lockbox Orich 51M

Orich 172M

188.large vase 5 stones (Server births) panoramix2009 21M
189.Vase 5 stones (Server births) panoramix2009 21M
190.Wall carving *2 panoramix2009 136M

panoramix2009 178M

162.Folded sheet (Server births) Pampa DH 100M-

Pampa DH 100M

165.A dark power crystal Blue Fly 185M

Blue Fly 185M

166.Clockwork Assembly Flutter 75M
174.Mesanna's cream pie Blessed Flutter 20M
163.Nibbled Carrot left behind from the easter bunny Flutter 10M
186.A carrot Dipped in Goblin Jelly Flutter 125M

Flutter 230M

167.Iron ingots "10 stones" ( Event Chessy cove ) The Scandinavian 100M
195.Agapite ringmail tunic crafted by EM Malachi exceptional / Agapite platemail gorget crafted by EM Malachi exceptional The Scandinavian 26M

The Scandinavian 126M

168.A Bell Painted by Santa's Elves (Catskills 2010) Zoezo666 5M
177.An eel pie Zoezo666 5M
191.Conjurer's Trinket Weight: undead slayer Owned by no one Zoezo666 50M

Zoezo666 60M

170.Garbage (Yamato 2010) QMSoar 8M

QMSoar 8M

172.Halloween Pumpkin Pie Blessed Meadhbh 5M
179.Mesanna's cream pie Blessed Meadhbh 10M
182.Blood Pie Blessed Meadhbh 30M
183.Mesanna's Birthday Pie Blessed Meadhbh 10M

Meadhbh 55M

173.Singing Ball Blessed Cupid 100M

Cupid 100M

176.Pickaxe slippjeem 36M

slippjeem 36M

193.Helm of the Damned Replica Smoot 6M
194.Shillelagh Carved from a Branch of the Giving Tree - Atlantic, December 2011 Smoot 6M
160.Black Widow Spider Smoot 130M

Smoot 142M

185.A small piece of blackrock Dregg 28M

Dregg 28M

196.Ancient Meer Eternal Staff Wayne Train 15M
198.Ancient Jukan Waymaster Bo Wayne Train 15M

Wayne Train 30M

My ICQ 146-416-110
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Lore Keeper, Wiki Maker, & Doer of Crazy Things
Stratics Veteran
Wiki Moderator
Campaign Supporter
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Thanks again for a fast and easy exchange Avery. :)