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[PS2 Stratics] This is a message from Pinnique, is anyone receiving? I repeat, is anyone on...

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Stratics Veteran
Greetings Auraxians.
I have just been awoken from Cryo, and have no idea as to which of the three warring factions did this. So this is a blanket message to all Humans on Auraxis.

My name is Pinnique, I am from Mansfield, England and I was selected, after a rigorous and lengthy series of tests, to be the Managing Editor for the Planetside 2 New Portal for Earth and it’s surrounding colonies. But that is where I draw a blank…..I can not recall which faction I was employed to report for, nor where my own true allegiance lay.

This is where you, the inhabitants of Auraxis can help. I wish to know population numbers and what roles you play in society. From there, I can then get an idea of the world that Auraxis has become and find my place within it.
I look forward to meeting you all, and I will be recruiting moving forward.

So for now, it is kind regards.


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