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Pets for EM Events

DreadLord Lestat

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I have practiced on training a couple pets and am ready to find one for EM Events. I understand they like to do rough poison based attacks.

What pets are you bringing to events?
What pets might you recommend for someone to bring?


Seasoned Veteran
I like chiv/ai dogs with balanced resists.

Most em events are single target bag o' hitpoint mobs, so middle ground resists work nice. I usually get looting rights from pet damage unless the em uses a val elemental.


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Ours are very crowded. A non mount may never get close to the boss. An AI/Chiv Cu can stay alive well. You often have to hop on the pet and place it right next to the mob for it to in range.

Our EM likes to start the boss as a pet eater so all the pets die and need ressed. Then he turns that off. So you may need vet on your toon.