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Pet Magic Abilites

DreadLord Lestat

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I am trying to decide on a magic ability for a fire steed. I have a few things with Chiv/AI already but thinking I may go with this anyways because of the amount of damage he does with only Dragon Breath currently (inherited not trained). I have mysticism on a skree so it is between discord and spellweaving if I don't go with Chiv. What magic abilities do you like and why?

Here is where I am currently at with it: Saved Planner | uo-cah.com


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I like chiv, as well as myst on my fire steeds, as those Magic’s give the fire steed a heal and cure.


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I would say it depends on how you intend to use it. Definitely Chiv/AI has the best single target DPS potential, but that may not be best for every encounter. For example, my t-hunter uses a 120 disco Cu. He has the potential to discord multiple mobs for the initial guardian spawn and I don’t have to worry about EoO putting him in the hurt locker.