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[Auction] "Perfect" Luck legs


Feeling lucky ! ? ! ?

The Merchants of Grandeur are at it again !

To commemorate the opening of MoG's + LUCK SHOP +

I will be accepting offers on a favored piece from my personal "perfect" luck collection.

Crafted by MoG and reforged with the Legendary Imbuing skills of our KHV Allies,
this exceptional piece is more then just the luckiest legs you will find, but a symbol of what teamwork and a bit of "statistical gambling" can accomplish ! - Let me share with you the fortune of our efforts ! -

If interested simply mention such on the board located at our Sonoma Skara/Brit/Yew Crossroads location,
or leave a book in our mailbox with an offer (trade offers are entertained too) including contact information.

Other items on display may also be up for auction, just mention your interest as noted above.
I encourage you to explore the showroom ! I look forward to opening new well stocked vendors as business picks up again.

Lesser Luck themed equipment will also be available for sale on our vendor (while supplies last)
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