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  1. Kupoking

    [Auction] "Perfect" Luck legs

    Feeling lucky ! ? ! ? The Merchants of Grandeur are at it again ! To commemorate the opening of MoG's + LUCK SHOP + I will be accepting offers on a favored piece from my personal "perfect" luck collection. Crafted by MoG and reforged with the Legendary Imbuing skills of our KHV Allies, this...
  2. Kupoking

    (RP) Merchants of Grandeur - Meet Greet & Auction

    Greetings all ! For many years it has been tradition to keep all "communication" within the realm of Sosaria, using mail boxes, books, communication crystals and message boards. Now that is the time of legends, the official stance of MoG being an entity of Sosaria only (Sonoma in...