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[Peacemaking] Peace Mastery Question


Hey all,

I'm rather new to barding and couldn't find this info in the forum.

I have been doing the doom gauntlet with a samp and bard. The bard is running the peace mastery to help reduce the damage onto the samp. At one point the bard died, and I noticed my damage to the Dark Fathers grew significantly. I was curious if this was a fluke so I tested with the bard around using peace mastery and also out of range. My samp was consistently doing much higher damage without the bard running the mastery.

So, does the peace mastery also reduce your damage output to the monsters? Or is this a unique bug?


Lore Keeper
there is a suggestion that increaseing your vulnerability to him (using his oppisite slayer) increases your damage cap to him.someone suggested that the cap goes up by another 100%, but i have not seen testing, or tested it myself


I've heard that too and that was part of my experimenting. I was using an elemental cameo and switching between undead fire axe, and demon bladed staff. When I was using the peace buff the bladed staff had the average max damage. But when I didn't have the peace buff running, I was doing almost 100hp extra damage.

Maybe the peace buff just negates that vulnerability bonus?