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[Imbuing] Parry Warrior bracelet and ring simple


Stratics Veteran
Question, i have a parry warrior ( yea yeah ive heard about Sampires and such) and i havent fooled around with Imbuing much since im still working on it (106 skill).

What would be a nice imbuing bracelet and ring for a parry warrior? what stats should i put?

i would guess : 25+ Damage inc, HCI, DCI, luck? and ....

any replies are appreciated ! :) , no trolling please, ive been playing off and on since 2000 and just started up again so im rusty


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Most people end up putting some skills on their jewelry, or some stats.

With a parry warrior, you can get 100% Dam Inc from shield (30) + talisman (20) + weapon (50), or by enhancing some woodland items with heartwood.

If you're building a luck suit, then sure, luck makes sense, but the marginal value of 200 luck from 0 to 200 is pretty small.

I think most people would say that jewels are what you do last when building a suit, since more or less anything can go on jewelry.

In the short term, put whatever you need to on there, just don't bother to max out any 1 property, and you're out just a few thousand gold total per jewel.

Then once you round the rest of your suit into form, start thinking about what your 'permanent' jewelry looks like.


Stratics Veteran
oh im sorry, i wasnt trying to make this my "permanent" bracelet and ring. i just wanted to toy around with Imbuing and wondered what good stats or skills would be for a parry warrior. its gonna take me a while to decide what warrior road to take with my war. good thing i dont like many roles :)


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
try to get total 45 HCI, 45 DCI, 100 DI (how much do you need on jewels to get this values)
the rest - STR and DEX