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Origin Shard FAQ, Community Threads, Helpful Tips, & More! [Updated 02.01.2007]



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<u>Some of the FAQ on Origin</u>:

Question: What is the Origin Shard?<ul>[*]Answer: The Origin shard is a perminate replacement for 'Test Sosaria' and will be a normal shard in all ways, with a few minor differences. ALL new content and patches will first be 'tested' on Origin. Which means Origin will be the first with new content, however it also means that the possibilities of a shard revert is more likely, given the ammount of untested content the shard will recieve.[/list]
Question: Will the Dev Team be playing on the Origin Shard?<ul>[*]Answer: It has been stated by EA that you are more likely to run into a Developer on the Origin shard than you will on any other normal production shard.[/list]
Qusetion: When did this shard go live?<ul>[*]Answer: Thursday December 16th, 2004 - Approximateley at 5pm Pacific time.[/list]
Question: Are there any limitations to this new server?<ul>[*]Answer: Unil Tuesday, June 14th 2005, three rules apply to Origin.
  1. You may not transfer a charater to or from the Origin server.
  2. You may not buy an advanced Charater Template.
  3. In Order to log into the Origin server you MUST have an Ultima Online: Samurai Empire upgraded account.
Question: Where is the Origin server to be housed?<ul>[*]Answer: The actual physical location of the Origin server is the EA building in Northern California.[/list]
Question: How can I test my ping to the Origin server?<ul>[*]Answer: There are two methods, mayhaps more.
  1. Download and use UOTrace, a free Utility found in UO's Customer Help Section, which explains how to use it.
  2. In Windows, hit 'Start' then 'Run' and type "ping origin.owo.com" and you can see your ping rate to the Origin server.
Question: How does housing work on the Origin shard?<ul>[*]Answer: Origin is a NORMAL production shard and is subject to the 1 house per account rule. Therefore, should you place a house on the Origin shard, any other houses on your account will be condemned, falling to the ground like a house made of lincoln logs.[/list]

http://www.uo.com/cgi-bin/newstools.pl?Article=8736 &amp; http://main.uo.com/origin.html<blockquote><hr>

Origin Lives! Welcome to the new UO shard: Origin Dec 10 2004 12:04AM

On Thursday, December 16, between 5:00 – 8:00 PM PST, a new shard will be born -- Origin.

[/ QUOTE ]<blockquote><hr>

A new shard is born -- Origin. The Origin shard is now open to all Samurai Empire players. This shard is a place where you can get a fresh start, claim that prime piece of real estate you’ve always had your eye on, or just rediscover the lands of Britannia.
Because we have many demo and free trial programs available, this shard is only available to Ultima Online: Samurai Empire account holders. By limiting access in this way, we can ensure that our loyal customers have the first opportunity to claim the real estate and goods provided by the launch of the Origin shard. This restriction will be lifted on Tuesday, June 14th 2005.

A few things you should know about the Origin Shard:<ul>[*]Origin is located on the West Coast of North America.[*]This Shard will be the first to receive most publishes and updates.[*]Character Transfer are disabled to and from Origin until Tuesday, June 14th 2005.[*]Advanced Characters are not available until Tuesday, June 14th 2005.[/list]
We’re looking forward to seeing you on Origin!

[/ QUOTE ]


Additionaly, I would like to echo some great pieces of Information over at U.Hall

<font color="red">How to contact Electronic Arts:</font>

<blockquote><ul>[*]UO Game Support - This is the place to look for answers to many of your UO gameplay questions. This page also includes a link to submit compliments, complaints or comments that you may have about specific Game Support staff.[*]UO Technical Support - Here, you can find all the answers to your technical questions, such as solutions for errors, installation problems, etc.[*]Account Support - On this page, you can search for answers to your account related issues, such as billing, account activation and payment questions.[*]Bug/Exploit Reports - There are three ways to submit bug reports: you can use the web-based form on this page, or you can send an email to [email protected] for bugs encountered on regular shards, or [email protected] for bugs found on the Test Center. Please make sure that you include all important information, such as the time, date and shard of the occurrence, the steps that caused the bug, and whether or not it was repeatable. You may be asked to provide your username, but at no time will an EA employee ask you for your password, so please do not include it![/list]</blockquote>

<font color="red">How to contact Stratics:</font>
You can see a list of the current Origin Forum Moderators by clicking here. Click on any of the moderator's names to access their profile where you can send them a private message.

For compliments, complaints and comments about the moderation of these forums, please send an email to [email protected]. This email box is read by the entire administration staff for UO Stratics.

<ul>[*]A full list of UO Stratics Staff can be found here.[*]Some helpful email addresses:<blockquote>[*] [email protected] - Issues with UO Stratics staff, bans, etc.[*] [email protected] - Problems with logging in.[*] [email protected] - UO Senior News managers.[*] [email protected] - All advertising concerns, including reporting bad ads.[*] [email protected] - Problems with the site not working correctly.[*] [email protected] - Concerns with the guild forums.</blockquote>[/list]

<font color="red">UO News Reporting:</font>

News is one of the most vital and vibrant parts of Stratics and we are always eager to hear what you, the players, are up to in-game. It is your stories and tales that make Ultima Online come alive! Do you perhaps have an event coming up, know of a great player run establishment, have an announcement about the game in general or about the player community? Our reporters would love to hear from you!

<ul>[*]You can reach the news team through the addresses below:<blockquote>[*] [email protected] - UO General News submissions.[*] [email protected] - UO Quests News Submissions.[*] [email protected] - Treasure Hunters of Britannia, Treasure hunting news.</blockquote>[*]Shard News Email Addresses:<blockquote>[*] [email protected] - Asian shard News[*] [email protected] - Atlantic News[*] [email protected] - Baja News[*] [email protected] - Catskills News[*] [email protected] - Chesapeake News[*] [email protected] - Drachenfels News[*] [email protected] - Europa News[*] [email protected] - Great Lakes News[*] [email protected] - Lake Austin News[*] [email protected] - Lake Superior News[*] [email protected] - Legends News[*] [email protected] - Napa Valley News[*] [email protected] - Oceania News[*]<font color="red"> [email protected] - Origin News</font>[*] [email protected] - Pacific News[*] [email protected] - Siege Perilous News[*] [email protected] - Sonoma News</blockquote>[/list]


I am making this post in hopes to help Inform the UO Communities of the Support Pages on the UO.com Official Web Site.

Continuously, people keep complaining that when they page for a GameMaster, they keep referring them to a web page instead of showing up and answering their questions personally.

The reason GameMasters do this is because, the majority of the time, the question a player asked has already been answered in the Support Pages.

In this Post, I will explain how to Log Into the Support's Wizard login, Set up a New Support Account, do Searches in the Support Database, and Asking Questions through the Support Form.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">How to I Log Into the Wizard Login Support?</font>

Step 1)<blockquote>If you have already created a Support Account, then: Open up a Web Browser Window, type in uo.com in the Address Bar, then hit Enter or click Go!

Once to the Official UO Web Site, on the Left is a Navigational Menu, click on the words: "Support"

Next, scroll down and click the words "Wizard Login" (as seen in the image below)

Step 2)<blockquote>Then, under the field: "Enter your email address and password to log in," Enter your Email address and password you set up when you created your Support Account. Then click "Log In."

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">I Forgot My Support Account, How Do I Retrieve It?</font>

Step 1)<blockquote>Follow the 1st step as described in <font color="red">How to I Log Into the Wizard Login Support?</font></blockquote>

Step 2)<blockquote> Then scroll down to the Field labeled "If you have forgotten your password..." and enter your Email Address and click the button: "Email Me My Password"

You will then, within moments, recieve your password in your Email. It is always a good Idea to Change Your Password whenever you have it Emailed to you. You can do this once you are logged in by clicking the words "Profile."</blockquote>

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">How Do I Set Up A New Support Account?</font>

Step 1)<blockquote>Follow the 1st step as described in <font color="red">How to I Log Into the Wizard Login Support?</font></blockquote>

Step 2)<blockquote>Then scroll down to the bottom of that page, where it says: "If you do not have a Support Account..." click the button "Create Support Account" as seen in the image below:

Step 3)<blockquote>Then you will be taken to a page where you must fill in some fields of Data, as seen in the image below. Fill in all these fields, then select all of the appropriote responses to the drop-down menus lists. (note: only the Fields with a red asterik, *, are Fields that MUST be filled in, the rest is a Optional. Click "Create Support Account" when done.

That is it, you are now ready to Log In with the E-Mail Address and Password you provided.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">How do I Search the Support Database for an Answer to my Question/Problem?</font>

Step 1)<blockquote>Once logged in, click on the Tab labeled "Answers."</blockquote>

Step 2)<blockquote>Next Choose a Category to Search in, I like to leave this set to "All," unless I specifically know which Category my answer is in.</blockquote>

Step 3)<blockquote>Then type in your Search Criteria. Refrain form using common words suchs as "a, the, and, or, and I." These will just add to more Search Results on things you probably are not searching for.

Once you have done Typed in your Search Criteria, click the button labeled "Search."

Then the page will reload and you will then see a list of Answers that were found matching your Search Criteria. They will be listed under the word, "Summary," as seen in the picture above. Simply click on the Words to read that Answer in it's entirety.</blockquote>

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">How Do I Ask A Question to EA?</font>

Step 1)<blockquote>Once Logged In, click the Tab labeled "Ask A Question."

You will then be taken to a Form.</blockquote>

Step 2)<blockquote>First, you want to select which product you are using, currently, for Samuari Empire Users, you will want to choose the "UO:Other" option.

Second, Choose a Category that your Question pertains to.

Then, Type in a Detailed Description of your Question and/or Problem. Be as specific as Possible. If related to one of your houses, hive your Houses' Cooridinates (you can find this by using a Sextant or using UO Auto Map, you can find UOAM in the UO Pro Apps section on uo.com as seen in the image below:).

Step 3)<blockquote>Once done typing your Question/Problem, if you have a text log you wish to include, or mayhaps even your DxDiag Specs (if requested), you may Attach this to your Question/Problem that you send.

To do this, underneath the Field you typed your Question/Problem in, is another area labeled: "Attach Documents to Question."

If you know the path name by heart, you may type it in that field there, or click the "Browse" button and locate it, select it, and click "Open" as shown below.

If done properly, your File's file name you wish to attach should be listed in the filed like so:

Once you are ready to submit your Question/Problem off, simply click the "Submit Question" button at the bottom of the Form, as seen in the picture above.</blockquote>

Within 30 Minutes to an Hour, you will recieve an Automated Responce Email form EA letting you know that your Question has been Recieved. This is normal, and everyone gets one when they submit a question, so do not get upset.

Normally it can take up 24 Hours for a responce. You will get your reponce in your Email. You will also be able to read the responce by Logging Into the Wizard Login and then going to the tab labeled: "Wizard Login"
At the bottom on that page you will see your Question Listed, you may click on it to read the reply.

I suggest that you continue to use the Support Wizard Login to Update your Question/Problem, rather than replying in Email.

This is the preffered way of doing it, and you will get quicker responces.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">Word of Caution!!!</font>

I have to insist that whenever you go to Log Into any Official UO Log In, that you get to that Log In by ONLY going through their Official Web Site, by clicking THEIR links to get to the Log In Page.

The reason I say this, is because when you sign up for a Support Account, you have the option to give them your Account Name, and when entering your Account name, you want to be sure you are at the Actual, Official UO Web Site, not someone elses site made to look like UO so they can get your account Details. It is sickening, but these 'fake' sites do exist, report them to EA whenever you see one!

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">Another thing that I want to point out:</font>




[/ QUOTE ]

With all that said, please people, give the GameMasters a break. Use the Support Feature of UO.com, that is what it is there for.

The GameMasters are not our Manual on how to play the game. That is why EA Provides us the Support Database and the Ask A Question feature.

The GameMasters are there to address Game-Stopping Issues and Violations of the TOS, among other things. They do not need be flooded with Questions that can be answered easily, and usually faster by using the Wizard Login Support Features.


In an attempt to help better build the Communities of the Origin Shard, I have created (with the assistance of Lucessi, thanks Lucessi!!), I am now Announcing the creation of Origin's IRC Chat Room!

This Chat Room is Moderated under the same Rules as Stratics Forums, as well as the Stratics IRC Network Policies.

For those of you who already know how and use IRC, you may join the Origin Chat Room at #uo_origin

For those of you who do not use IRC but would like to, please visit http://chat.stratics.com/content/community/quickconnect.php or follow the directions below.

[/ QUOTE ]

First off, you need yourself a client - something to connect to the network and enable you to chat to others. The most popular one is mIRC, and because of this, I'll be explaining some of its features and options. Go to the mIRC site, download it, and install it. (http://www.mirc.com)

Now, once installed, you will be asked to register your mIRC Client. You do not have to, it is a free trial that never expires, even though it says it does.
If you really like mIRC, register it!

Ok, once you have it running, click on the Options Buttion to get to this screen:

On the left, select Options, then fill out the top 3 fields, the first Field would be your Real Name (optional, you may put an alias here, suggested!), second is your E-Mail Address. Use one that you feel comfortable giving out. <font color="red">Don't use the one tied to your UO Accounts.</font> The third is what your Nickname will be when your chatting. People will see this as You.

Next, click on Servers on the left, and then click on the Add Button.

A new window will open up, in which you are able to set up mIRC to connect to the Stratics' IRC Network as shown in this picture:

Make sure you change the Port to 6668, alot of times the default port of 6667 will not allow you to connect.

You can also change the default port here, under Options:

Once you have all the above set, click OK and then you will be broughto back to the Main mIRC window, up in the top left corner is the Connect button:

If everything is set up properly, you should connect and get a slew of Stratics Messages, after they finish, you may now connect to #uo_origin

See you there!


The following was posted by Delaro in U.Hall and has asked if there is any thing I could do to help spread the word of this issue so that others may be aware and provide a handly link to the main thread to provide your feedback.

You may read and reply to this issue in the U.Hall Thread on this subject here:

<u>Original Post, by Delaro</u>:

After you read this if you are having simular issues please email [email protected] and put the heading as "UO Memory Leak Issue". So far only this tech has bothered to give me or anyone else that I know of a reply
There have been many postings recently regarding "client.exe" (UO's process in the Task Manager) and its constant, steady increase in memory usage with eventual increases in CPU usage. Well I have been trying to work with EA customer support and after trying multiple suggestions from EA that failed, I get this message from EA:


Response (xxxxxxxxxxx) 07/24/2006 02:25 PM
Hi there.

You got me thinking when you mentioned that a new memory leak may have gotten introduced by one of the recent patches for the game. After poking around a bit more this issue apparently is known by the UO engineering team. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any additonal information if and/or when this issue will be resolved.

The best suggestion I have is to wait for the next patch update.

EA Support


Now this is promising because EA acknowledges this bug. However, unless EA perceives this problem to affect a lot of people, they may take a considerable amount of time to fix it

If any of you are having this problem, I encourage you to go to http://support.ea.com and report that you are also having this memory leak issue.

If you are unfamiliar with this bug, here's my description of the bug from a previous post:


Please realize that many people who play UO do NOT EVEN KNOW that they have this memory leak issue. This problem only became noticable to me about 4-6 weeks ago. Next time you play, hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE and watch your UO process, which in 2D is "client.exe" in the Task Manager under the Processes Tab. Observe the initial CPU usage and Memory Usage after login.

After I login, client.exe's CPU usage is about 20-40% with memory usage of 30,000K. The memory usage then will keep rising every few seconds and it NEVER GOES DOWN. After about 10-30 minutes of play, depending on how active the areas my character goes through (especially if you ever use CTRL-SHIFT to drag bars), client.exe's memory usage is around 100,000K with CPU usage now climbing to &gt;70%. The memory usage keeps continuing to increase until around 130,000K with extraordinary lag and then crashes. It does this EVERY time and is 100% reproducible. The increasing memory usage NEVER decreases.

The computer I use is a Dell XPS M170 laptop with an Intel Mobile Pentium M760 (which benchmarks similarly to a desktop AMD Athlon Venice socket 939 3200+ or 3500+ CPU), 1 gigabyte RAM, nVidia 7800GTX video, running Windows XP Pro Media Center. The ONLY PROGRAMS I had installed on that computer when I discovered the problem was Windows XP Pro Media, Internet Explorer, UO 8th Age, UOAssist, UOAM, ICQ, PC-Cillin, Adaware (ad-ware cleaner), CCleaner (utility to clean hard drive), Civilization IV, and drivers for my Logitech G15 keyboard and Razer Copperhead mouse. (Please note that this is my gamer laptop and I actually purchased it specifically to play UO when I'm away from home My desktop computer is out of commission, so I have not had a chance to see if this occurs with that computer.)

Even though I hadn't made any hardware or software changes, I reinstalled Windows with a total reformatting of the hard drive TWICE. After the 1st reinstall of Windows, I only installed UO 8th Age from the CD and PC-cillin virus checker. I did not even download UOAssist, automap, or ICQ. I used my existing Dell Drivers from their reinstall CD and even tried with updated drivers. I tried with and without the Windows firewall, tried different compatibility settings, changed the pagefile memory allocation. No effect at all.

I tried a memory "optimizer" from download.com, and that seemed to somehow let my PC tolerate the huge uses of client.exe's RAM usage a little better, but still the memory usage skyrocketed, although now it could go to &gt;200,000K before crashing sometimes. I used UOAssist's "-releasemem" feature but it is deceptive as it will temporarily decrease client.exe's memory usage, but over time, the CPU usage still climbed to &gt;70%. So although the memory usage could be lowered temporarily, there would be NO effect on CPU usage. The increasing CPU usage effects seemed to still be cumulative.

I made sure that in UO's Option's window, that I set the "use reduced frame rate" and "enable frame skipping". (BTW, if you haven't done that, you should b/c your CPU usage could be almost twice as much if you don't use the "used reduced frame rate" feature.)

I am not a software developer, but on pure *speculation*, client.exe sure behaves as if there is some buggy code in a subroutine that keeps adding to the memory heap without clearing it, so that with time, there's a constant, steady increase in the memory heap.

So, please, even if you don't think you have this problem, check out your "client.exe" process over time in the Windows Task Manager as you play. See if you do get the constant, steady increases in memory usage and eventually the increased CPU usage.

[/ QUOTE ]


The UO Origin Forum is a place for Origin shard-specific, and UO general discussion about Ultima Online. Although Off-Topic (OT) posts do raise their ugly head from time to time, we try to keep them to a minimum, and confine the discussion to one thread. If an OT discussion gets out of hand, a moderator may lock or delete the thread.

To keep a clean appeal, and reduce the ammount of stickies, the following threads are no longer stickied, if they were. They are now set to never be archived, instead, remaining within this part of the Origin Forums, available to be posted in.

We invite all of the Origin Community to take part in these threads as well as send BraelynnAria or Myself yer suggestions on new Community Threads that may as well be listed here.

<u><font color="red">Here is the list of Origin Community Threads</u>:</font><ul>[*]Sosarian Library I - (RP Character Index)[*]Sosarian Library III - (Origin Guild Index)[*]***OT*** Corrupt a Wish[*]Joke Thread![*]You know your addicted to UO when......[*]The "What did you do today" Thread[*]The New, Origin RL Picture Thread![*]The Old (Archived) RL Pic Thread[*]UO Desktop Screenshots! (Caution: Large Pics)[*]Origin Housing Thread - Warning Possible Large Pictures[/list]

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">Poster Titles</font>

The following is a list of titles given to posters on Stratics forums, and when you get them:

0 Visitor
31 Adventurer
100 Journeyman
300 Seasoned Veteran
500 Sage
750 Lore Keeper
1000 Lore Master
1250 Slightly Crazed
1500 Certifiable
2000 Babbling Loonie

From time to time, you will see odd titles such as "smitten kitten" or "inane poster". These titles are given to people who have made a large contribution to either stratics or the other posters here. Don't ask for one. If you should get one, you will be contacted! :)

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">The Stratics UO Forums Rules of Conduct</font>

May be found here: http://boards.stratics.com/rules/uo_roc.php
Please read them over.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="blue">Information on Formatting!</font>

<font color="red">General Markup</font>

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre> text Makes the given text bold.
[email][email protected] [/email] Makes the given email address clickable.
text Makes the given text italic.
Centers the given text within the message.
[image] URL [/image] Puts the given url in an img src tag.
[pre] text [/pre] Surrounds the given text with pre tags.
Surrounds the given text with blockquote and hr's. This markup tag is used for quoting a reply.
link Makes the given url into a link.
title Makes the given title into a hyperlink pointing to link.</pre><hr />

<font color="red">LANGUAGE USE POLICY</font>

The following words, or any variations thereof, including deliberate misspelling or letters replaced with symbols, are absolute no-no's:

S word, slang for feces.
F word, slang for copulation.
F word, slang for homosexuals.
A word followed by hole, slang for rectum.
Any slang references to human genitilia, male or female.
Any slang references to race/ethnicity.

You can have all the s you want in your post, as long as it isn't harrassing. If in doubt...take it out. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks to Chance for the original penning of this.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">A reminder about EBAY links</font>

They do not belong in the shard forums, but in the Trade Forum Which You Can Find Here - UO Trade - All Shards Forums. Please note that the trade forum and all other stratics forums follow the same RoC that we do, personal attacks, not limited to but including; calling other posters scammers or exploiters will not be tolerated.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">Heated debates and personal attacks</font>

I thought it would be a good idea to make this post, as the surge in activity and board warrioring lately means we have a few new people posting here who may not be aware of the rules around here (and also a few old people who may have forgotten them).

Rules Of Conduct, always a good read.
It is, however, a guideline.

For pvp posts moderating is actually a little bit looser - mild flaming is not an issue AS LONG as it is in the vein of talking about in game things.

This is ok:
Yeah we roxxored at the harrower last night, ya'll got pwned!

This is not ok:
Yeah we roxxored at the harrower last night, ya'll got pwned and your mom is fat!

Personal attacks are never ok. Is it a personal attack to say so and so sucks at playing a mage (or whatever)?
That depends on how it is said, but usually no, because it is about ingame stuff.

However, keep in mind also that repeatedly being obnoxious will result in getting a nastygram from Braelynn or Myself. By 'being obnoxious' I mean persistently arguing with someone else in a less than respectful manner, or continually making posts that are devoid of content but filled with repetitive and rude things.

<font color="red">Additionally</font> - changing someone else's board name to make fun of them is a no-no. So you can't call me Orvassmunch, for just an example.

SOO lets all just remember that posting on the boards is generally supposed to be fun for everyone, yes flaming people is fun for some but it's not always fun to get flamed. Nothing wrong with toning down a rough post, you can still get your point across without coming off like a jerk.

Thanks to Sarsmi for the original penning of this.

[/ QUOTE ]

<font color="red">Final Rule</font>

Have Fun. The Origin Forum is quite a community. People are always quick to help you with a problem, come rez you when you die in the middle of nowhere, and even serve you coffee and cakes in the morning to get you going.

Remember that how you treat the other people on the board is probably how you will be treated yourself, so play nice.

[/ QUOTE ]

Many Thanks to all those who wrote this up over on the Baja Boards. *bows*


Reposting this here:

Originally posted by Braelynn Aria
on 08/01/06 12:00 PM:

Well since the Poll is over and we've received your opinions we decided to do a little of both. We've removed those stickies, but should you need to find them you need only look here!

Origin Housing Thread - here you can post pictures of your house designs and look at others!

The Origin Town Crier - This thread explains how one of our own has stepped up to try and deliver news of the realm in a real world time!

I think there's someting missing &amp; Odd ramblings and ideas - Both Threads discuss the possibilities we have to improve our land as well as ideas on how EA can help us!

As well I'd like to remind you to look through This thread as it also contains many of the older threads of this forum.

[/ QUOTE ]