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[Price Check] odd color chest

Dixie chessy/legends

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Stratics Veteran
my hubby fished this thing up, it don't have the name of a ship on it but I was told it was a pretty rare color to get. just wondering if yall had any info, or price on it. ive looked and cant find its color listed in the new sos chests Capture_01222020_173435.jpg Capture_01222020_173435.jpg


Stratics Veteran
i have fished up several of these on Siege. Not as common as other chests, but i wouldnt classify it as rare.


Stratics Veteran
I would classify it as being a rare...
I have personally fished up over 300 SOS and haven't gotten one of the barnacle covered grey ones.
but I have gotten two of the grey metal ones.
both of those I didn't get on TC, when testing... so that's why they weren't in the pics I posted.

If someone wanted a full collection of the recovered from a shipwreck collection, there is no telling how much they would pay.