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Noob Imbuing Armor Question


Stratics Veteran
I've been gone for most of the last 20 years, and still slowly learning how imbuing works.
My understanding is that some armors, like Studded Leather, have an innate but "invisible" 3% LMC per piece.
If I then imbue more LMC on that armor, does it add to the 3% or does it over-write it?

(I'm making a suit for a new tamer/bard who will have magery but no medi, which is why I'm asking. I don't want her to be perpetually OOM :)

Any advice appreciated!


Stratics Veteran
First of3, it needs to be non-medable and secondly, yes its addl lmc on top of your imbued value. Technically you can make 55 lmc suit with 5 pieces studded leather, non med, with 8%lmc imbued on each and then 3 % hidden