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New Items to be added to the weekly VvV thread

Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
As VvV continues to evolve I will add more indepth content to the VvV thread (found in the sticky threads above) http://community.stratics.com/threads/vice-vs-virtue-updated-11-6-14.322929/

1) Starting Monday (and every Monday thereafter) I will post a snap shot of the Guild and Individual Ranks for the shard.

2) I will add a Wax vs. Waning score towards Virtue or Vice using the following Formula. (Virtue Guilds total Score) - (Vice Guilds total Score) = If the value is negative Felucca will be Waning, Descending into Vice. If the Score is positive it will be Waxing, Ascending to Virtue.

3) Guilds that are not considered Virtue or Vice will have scores added together. If the total value of independent guilds is greater then the Virtue score or the absolute value of the Vice score, Felucca will be Quadrature, A precipitous balance between Vice and Virtue.

4) I will continue to make contact with new VvV guilds and add them to the list