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[Chesapeake] New Governor - Tina of Skara Brae

Just want to say hello to my fellow Governor's and say thank you to my constituents! I look forward to serving the citizens of Skara Brae and will work to make the city thrive. We will begin with bi-weekly events and go from there. Our main focus now is to build our treasury and increase the safety of our port and costal waters. The builders have begun building a fleet of ships and we will hunt down those who threaten the peace!

Best Regards, Lady Tina - Governor of Skara Brae

Jordan Thyme

Seasoned Veteran
Greetings! Congratulations. I am the new Governor of Skara Brae, Catskills. I look forward to having a meeting of the minds with you and our other fellow Governors!


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Stratics Legend

Is there a "REALLY LIKE" button? :)

So glad to see you reaching out across shards, Gillian. That's exactly what I did with my City Jail proposal and also how Sue got the Docks for Minoc. You can accomplish a whole bunch if you unite as one voice. :)