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(OT) My Re-election for Governor of New Magincia


Hail Europa,
Many of you know me but for those that do not my name is Aragorn and I have been Governor of New Magincia for the past 2 terms. My goals since the beginning was to breathe new life into the island forsaken by so many as it is truly a wonderous place and also to generate more interest in it. At least the latter of the goals I am proud to say has been accomplished as now I have competition for my job. :)
I am very aware I said at the last Council meeting that I really didnt have the time to fully engage in this wonderful job I have had for the past near 18 months and that includes the inability to organize an event for the island. This is still very much so....However I am not one to just throw in the towel as it were as there is still so very much to do and also for myself to learn bout RP.
I wish my competitor Lord wally the very best of luck as he competes for my job and I ask all of you who are loyal to New Magincia to vote your conscience and let it guide you as to who would be the better person for the position.

Thank you all for your time,

Lucky Luke

Stratics Veteran
I wish my competitor Lord Wally the very best of luck
Thank you and the same to you Lord Aragorn :)

It is true that i am running for governor in New Magincia. My wish is to make New Magincia the fishing capital of Sosaria. This past semester many Osiredon's have been summoned and defeated at the docks of New Magincia, sometimes even multiple simultaneously! New Magincia being an island and its location so close by to the Sea Market (Floating Emporium) only seems to strengthen it's new role in the lands of Sosaria.

For the role-playing community, i admit i do not role play. A good storyline i can appreciate and therefore i already have a particular future (EM) event in mind that would fit perfectly for the image i have in mind for New Magincia.

Things i foresee for New Magincia with me as governor:
  • Continued support for public Scalis events
  • One or multiple public Charybdis events
  • Fishing tournament(s)!
  • Depending on our EM and what is possible: a fun event including grog, sea monsters, pirates & bounty!!!
  • Dedication to the city
Vote for who you believe can add most value to both the city and your playstyle :)

Wa-wa-wa-wa-wally :)


Well I had figured I would be elected into retirement but I guess not :D S'ok im cool with it :)
Thank you all for the gracious congrats, from me a huge congrats to all the newly elected and also returning Governors in Britannia I look forward to working with yall in the upcoming months. To Wally a very well run election man I thought for sure you were gonna win it....guess I have to unpack now :D

Unfortunetly I will not be able to make the council meeting..bloody RL bug also known as work is messing with me again :sad4:.

On the brighter side I am hoping to have someone assisting me with matters of state very soon :) writeup to follow. :thumbup: