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Magus Disc question

  • Thread starter Belmarduk
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Hi all
I have noticed that the artwork of the disc changes after certain levels BUT
I am still slow :(
I am lvl 21 now and a Goblin riding on a wolf zooms off wihtout me having zero chance to catch up :(

Does the disc get faster at lvl 31?
Must I / Is there any point atall - to go to the steed-vendor in the Inevitable City ?

Thx and Greetings Belmarduk

Ps.: I also heard somewhere that at higher levels the disc attacks hostiles - ranged and mellee by itself - Is that true?


Ok I´ll answer myself then..
A magus MUST go to the steed vendor in the IC.
You get a "steed" there which is a disc which can be summoned like the other steeds (Is as fast as the others,you cant cast while on it etc)
It looks quite cool btw.

So basicly you switch from your standard disc to your "steed-disc" when you summon mount.
Greetings Belmarduk


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
good to know. thanks.

my guess would have been totally wrong.


That's good. I think it would be completely unfair and unbalanced if you didn't have to purchase some sort of 'mount' as all the other players do.