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During the perm retirement sale, I purchased a number of weapons, including the M6A2-SRT.

I really gravitated toward my AK-74M, so I really didn't use many other ARs. When I wanted a break from the 74M, I'd pick up my G36E Valkyrie. As a result, my other ARs, to include the M6A2-SRT, saw no action.

Yesterday, I noticed the SRT sitting in my inbox and decided to add some mods and take it for a spin. As I used it, I found myself wondering why I'd never used it extensively. It's a strong 4-hit kill, so slightly less damage than the 74M and Valk, but it is much more spray friendly. No notable damage dropoff, either--at least, not that I could tell in Ghost Town or Oil Rig.

Very nice AR. I shall be using it much more often.