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Looking for PS


i returned several weeks ago and trained up some pets now. The shops, where i have bought PS, don't exist anymore. Whre can i buy PS now? I am sure, i cannot afford 120's, but i hope to get some 105's or 110's.
Can you tell me, where i could buy some an how much they are (Wrestling, Magery, Resist, Anatomy, Eval Int, Parriying)?
Thanks for advice!


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Recently returned as well, so I can't recommend any shops since my runes are also outdated. But did you notice the "new" vendor search function? In classic client, click your toon, and it should be on if the first things in the menu. It lets you search all player run vendors (I think) and creates a map to the shop that has the item you are looking for. It's really neat!

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that's a good advice, didn't find it as so many other things. I am using the advanced client, but i think i can find it ther as well. Thank you!


Hi Petra,

thank you for the advice!
I have found the "New player house", it's very helpful! There is so much to explore, but my time is so little^^