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(RP) King Blackthorn Murders Governors and Meeting Attendees!

Amber Witch

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
At last nights meeting the Governors usual reports were given to King Blackthorn.

Governor WildStar expressed concern of the mining opening up unexplored areas


The King listens and responds
king takes advise.jpg

Governor Aleecia discussing her problem of the "Health Issues" of her fighters in Jhelom
Ladies of Moonglow.jpg

Many of the Governors and Attendees competed for the attentions of the King
Grandma wifey position.jpg

Governor Aleecia foaming at the mouth
grandma mining.jpg

Afterwards, Governor Aleecia of Jhelom announced a toast to our recently returned King who hadn't been able to make the last meeting due to illness. She had gotten the bottle while snooping in the King's cellar. It was on a table with a note marked 'To be shared at the next Governor's Meeting' so she deftly stashed the bottle in her purse.

Almost immediately, upon drinking the spirit, everyone in attendance started convulsing and bleeding. Panic quickly ensued as everyone tried to escape by running from the castle heading towards the Healers but no one made it beyond the bridge.

Governors and Attendees falling like flies while King Blackthorn looks on
stumbling and bleeding.jpg

King Blackthorn kills 10 people!

Dead 1.jpg

The King admitting he did not drink the toast
Dead 2 no wine.jpg

The King announced afterwards that the Royal Guard will conduct an investigation. We can only hope that the Royal Guard will remain impartial and not be influenced by King Blackthorn.

Mama Faith

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I was shocked by how quickly that poison took effect. One gulp and I was convulsing, gasping for air and running for the healer. Who would do something like this? I look forward to the report on the investigation. Someone needs to pay.:gee:


*wonders how long this investigation will take...* I am sadden by what happened and can only hope the investigation will be conducted and fair! :confused2:
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