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In Memory of Microelf

  • Thread starter Luna du Selene
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Luna du Selene

aka Ziggy, Rupert Kye and Tim.
One year gone but never forgotten.
Although I will always feel that he was snatched from this world too early (and so suddenly!), I am grateful for the loving memories he gave me with which to carry on.

Grateful too, I am, for those who sustained me through the grieving process and continue to do so. It's a long list and I shan't mention names for fear of leaving someone out due my inadequate memory :) Well... there is one who has cried on the phone with me, more than once.. you know who you are! *hugs*
Love you.. love you all :)

Microelf loved to discuss, argue, and *mess with* people on UHall. Please share your memories of him here :)


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*reaches for phone*

The emotions are anew today. How is it we touch people's lives without eye contact or touch? It is with long nights of enjoying the same hobby, talking those long talks about things that matter beyond pixels. It is about making that connection and finding a kindred spirit.

Ziggy brought so much laughter to me with his thoughts and posts and so much joy as we messed around in game. The more serious side was left for late night conversations on life and love. I am so glad he found love and happiness he had been searching for. He left us a happy man. May we all be able to have that. May we all find someone like Luna who keeps those happy times around even on the saddest days just because of who she is.

Love you,

Merlin Wallis

I am remembering Ziggy on this day as well. Great guy, trusted Guildmate. I miss him and will always remember him. Thanks for posting Luna and know that we are thinking of him as well.

Kyle Orton

What?!? Oh no. I just came back to UO and hence just came back to Stratics. Microelf gave me so much advice and went above and beyond to help me in game. I can't believe this. :sad3:

Luna du Selene

Salmar created a lovely tribute to Microelf on Tribbit.com; the site seems to have disappeared. It seems that electronic evidence of Tim's existence is disappearing, bit by bit. First was the stratics wipe, then I lost all of our ICQ communications when I had to do a system restore and now the tribute is gone.

Ah well; I still have his UO house and my memories, as well as our friends :grouphug:

Lord Essex

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Was thinking about the past today go figure I find this..


It was an honor to know you, and a priviage to call you a friend. You always knew how to make someone smile, quick with a joke and all round amazing person. Although its been a few years, it still seems like yesterday we were laughin and joking around. I know your in a better and we'll see you again soon, until then. R.I.P.

Essex/Shadow (C*S)

(Pstt.. You still owe me that Katana =P )