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[Imbuing] Imbuing help needed


Stratics Veteran

i'm new to the whole imbuing thing and try to remake my sampire armor. my old armor is a Ringmail Armor with the following chest:

Agapite Ringmail Tunic
Stam Inc. 8
Mana Inc. 5
LMC 8%

Phy: 8
Fire: 17
Cold: 7
Poison: 12
Energy: 20

For my understanding: afaik the base tunic is made out of iron ingots and then imbued (HPI, Stam, Mana, LMC, Engery Resist) and then enhanced with Agapite to get the 20% Energy Resist. i dont get how

I try to re-build that piece and from my understanding the base peace should have the following resists: 6/14/5/10/5 = 40 Resist in total. But if i go with iron, the summed up resists on the base part ist 35. How is that possible?

Sorry for my dumb question but i hope someone can help me with that.

Thanks a lot :)

Keith of Sonoma

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
I believe you get a +1 random resist bump for every 20 arms lore skill, so 100 arms lore will get you to 40 total (35+5).


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
An iron piece has 35 resists: 15 (base) + 20 (exceptional)
Agapite ingots gives 15 resists
With imbue you may get up to 15 resists

Base ringmail resists are: 3-3-1-5-3
You need to craft a piece with: 6-10-5-10-4
Then imbue 15 energy to get: 6-10-5-10-18
Then enhance with Agapite (2-7-2-2-2) to get: 8-17-7-12-20