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Imbuing\enhancing question


A friend showed me some examples of weapons he has with 68-70 Hit Mana Leech on them- how was this accomplished? I understand the max imbuing is 50% so I'm guessing some kind of enhancement?

Another example I don't understand is:
Hit energy Area: 50
Hit mana leech: 50
Hit life leech: 50
demon slayer
Damage increase 50

Again is it some type of enhancement? or maybe coming from the re-forging process? How would you get various % of different elemental damage?

And is there a way to get:
100% elemental - been using re-forge\enhance for it
Hit mana hit - max
Hit lower defense - max
hit area to match the elemental damage - max
ssi - max

I can't find a way but I'm new to this so maybe someone has a suggestion?
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Probably need to see a screenshot of the entire weapon properly list to figure it out but maybe it was loot that was then imbued.


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Hit Mana Leech and Hit Life Leech have a BASE cap of 50% at max intensity - based on a specific swing speed.

However, there's two exceptions, plus something else, that makes it as clear as mud, unless using a calculator that show the difference between displayed and actual intensity.

The exceptions are reforged and high-end loot items, that can have over 100% base intensity.

The "something else" is the effect of Swing Speed (natural, or with SSI) on the displayed value.

A really slow weapon may have up to 100% displayed in those two leeches. With the slowest of those weapons, 100% may not even be 100% intensity.
A really fast weapon with SSI can have 100% intensity display as less than 50%. An example of this would be the minor artifact "Soul Seeker", that is a fast weapon with a lot of SSI. The ORIGINAL displayed values on Soul Seeker, before the changes to leeches to where SSI affected their displayed value, was
40% HSL/40%HML/40% HLL = which would be 80% Intensity in all leeches.
After the changes to leeches and SSI, the three properties were STILL 80% intensity, but now display as
40% HSL/30%HML/30% HLL - Stamina leech not having the SSI modifier.

Runic, Reforged, and looted weapons can be effected similarly.