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I think they made a big mistake...

  • Thread starter kennykilleduo
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Anyone who has played since about open beta / launch MIGHT agree with the following :

The game has become more buggy , laggy and one sided , also many servers are near empty 75% or more of the day..:( , I currently play Red Eye server.
Seem like we are almost still in beta at times..

Has anyone else seen this?

PS: I'm still loving the game..:thumbup1:


I was on Tower of Doom and was at the point where I was going to throw in the towel.Than i moved to Magnus when the server xfers came out and totally changed my opinion.A higher pop server changed it for me.I always find orvr and when I hit the open group menu its always got at least 3-5 grps listed,alot of times alot more....few times during prime time it was a full page in t3.

Only thing I`m miffed about right now is this healing nerf comming.I know its only effecting one spell (a HoT)by %30 or %35...can`t remember but it WILL have an impact on a class that has 3 second cast times on main heal spells.

I`ve already made up my mind and warned guildies....if I find it more frustrating to heal and keep group/wb members alive than to hell with it.I`ll drop heals in favor of RDPS.

All I`ve read about for weeks is whines and rants about rift/mag...BW OP`dness and outa left freekin field comes MORE dps and less healing....WTF is up with Mythics line of thinking here,I hafta wonder. :gee:


Monolith is med/full most of the time. At the moment there are usually fights going on in at least 2-3 T4 zones. Most of the playerbase is T3 atm, so in a few weeks T4 will be insane.

I tried to tell everyone early on that Monolith would be the place to be, but no one listened. For shame!