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House of Commons Transcript Available


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Thank again to everyone who attended last evening's House of Commons chat! A very special thanks to Khatie and Rebecca for keeping the boys in line :D

The full transcript of the chat is available on this link!


Missed it...

*Shakes fists*
Curse you, real life! Curse you!


Thanks so much for posting that. I missed it also, but some great info in there. :drool:


Brannoc - *Durai* What's the end game like? Will it be ready on release?
[SGW]ledaye - Our endgame has two parts to it: instances and worlds.
[SGW]ledaye - Our instances are strongly related to the mission set, and flow out of the mission set.
[SGW]ledaye - At launch, the mission set ends in a cliffhanger battle against one part of the Big Bad's allies.
[SGW]ledaye - After launch, we follow up closely with more material.
[SGW]ledaye - These regular releases include Missions, instances and whole worlds.
[SGW]ledaye - So, the endgame is essentially an ongoing battle (and I do mean battle) against the Big Bad and his army/allies.
[SGW]ledaye - It continues with each release. We call these releases episodes.
[SGW]ledaye - So, our endgame is more like continued episodes in an ongoing season of SG-1
Wow, that's an awesome idea. If you guys can pull it off it'll be great to see the quests perpetually change ala a TV show. I guess Matrix Online tried to pull that off too but it crashed and burned. Of course, you guys are better :)


Yeah! I am with you and wishing you for great time!
All the best!