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Heldenhammer - US/Order/Core/Non-RP




After running a few guilds in the past in a few different games I decided against being a GM in WAR. After searching for a guild to join however, I found that none of the guilds out there match what I seek in a guild. I am looking for something completely different. So I took it upon myself to make a new one and try to find the right people to run it. So far I have put together a website with the basics of the guild and with some more interested people we could collaborate on the concept more.

Here is what Heldenhammer stands for at the moment:

  • Order guild
  • Core ruleset
  • Non-RP or RP-Light
  • Mature members
  • Non-essential voice chat. Leaning towards none currently.
  • 3 Guildmaster/3 Officer system
  • Crafter friendly environment
  • Helpful system for playing anonymous
  • All playstyles: solo, group, army
If any of this interests you head over to the site and sign up or post in the forum with your thoughts. Thanks.