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EM Event Have Gear Will Travel: The Lost Lands Monster *Felucca* (Fri. 01/22/16)


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I found the time to sneak on for this event. I was the Gandalf running around lol. Had lots of fun! Thank you for hosting fel events!


Slightly Crazed
While I enjoyed watching a bunch of people get killed.....Your pictures show some things I would like to point out

1. Fields turned into tiles
2. A program other than UOAssist?

Not that I hate on that...just kind funny lol
Yeah I dunno. I was sent those to toss up here. You'll have to ask the person who's perspective they came from, want their ICQ?

Lord Arm

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I was at event. I got dismounted by a death striker, probably with riding swipe, but got away. was on a garg. after dismount buff went away I tried to fly. it said u have to heal before u can fly. I was full health. I tried to heal still couldn't fly. after a couple mins. of trying to fly. I log off and back on and could fly. anyone know about this?


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What's funny is mr Hong Kong Fooey, asked to be 'scanned' to prove hes not cheating, but then has screenshots posted proving he is. Its no surprise, but usually if someones using 1 cheat, they use them all Id imagine. Pretty funny stuff. Wonder why the original post with pictures was removed, rofl.