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greetings again.


Slightly Crazed
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UO is one of "those games" that i can never stay away from... i may take leaves of absence from time to time, but i always find my way back. this isn't the first "hey i'm back" threads i've posted, just the most recent one. ^_- Ann Nomily bumped into me at Luna mint, possibly one of the few "originals" that might remember me. ... always curious who is still around.

.... as always lots has changed.... i have pleanty of questions concerning the game... so if anyone wants to shoot me a pm or heck, yell at me in world chat (in game) to see if i'm online, that would be awesome. .... one question i have is.... the BANK ????? what the heck? ... i'm very confused. basically i'm wanting to purchase a 120 healing scroll (unfortunatly none on Catskills) so, is it easily possibly now for me to transfer funds to said shard, and then do a shard transfer to get it here? ... sorry, i try to limit my questions in the chat forums here... and i have LOTS . lol

hope to see ya'll in-game.

Barefoot Scribe

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Greetings, I am one of the old timers that remembers you, I just recently returned to the game after successful eye surgery. Welcome back.