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Free of Fate [FoF] - Easy going guild - 18+ - Yak's Bend



Guild Name & Abbreviation
Free of Fate [FoF]


Kyle, King Philophowhizzle, Erised

Guild Type:

Recruitment Process:
Yes, we are currently recruiting. Sign up on our website to join.

Age Requirement:

Activity Level of the Guild:
I would say we are casual to semi-casual. We don't impose constraints to individual members.

Primary Server ( This is for world PvP):
Sanctum of Rall

Is the guild race specific:

Guild Events:
No plans at the moment but depending on group participation it could become likely.

Ways of communication:
TeamSpeak 3, website, Google+

Time Zone of Guild:
I am in US Central Time but we have members in other timezones.

Free of Fate - Guild hosting - Home

Guild Wars 2 - Free Of Fate - Google+

Are you tired of working at your job to come home and log in to a game that feels like another job? Well, you have a problem! And I have a potential solution… Free of Fate!

Are you a soloist but want to get the benefits that are provided by a guild without the hassle? Cough, Cough… Free of Fate!

Are you new to gaming and afraid of the vibrant land of Tyria? I sense a theme here… Free of Fate!
(Ok, that was rather corny so I will stop that XD )

Our guild is composed of laid back (but awesome) gamers that are excited and ready for the upcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2. My guild policies are what make us stand out from the other guilds. I basically intend to make it so that you don’t have to do anything if you do not want to. I do not intend to kick players from the guild because they didn’t participate in an event or kick players if they haven’t logged on in a month or two. The only requirements I have are: you must be 18+, you must sign up on the site to use TeamSpeak, and you must join the guild to be in the guild

Basically, I want people to hang out with us because they like us and enjoy gaming with us… not because they feel obligated to do so.

We also have a 500 slot Team Speak 3 server for voice chatting purposes.

So sign up, and start getting excited for Guild Wars 2!!

To join up with us, go here: http://freeoffate.enjin.com/

We will be on Sanctum of Rall for launch!!
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Welcome to the GW2 Stratrics forums. I added you to our GW2 Guild Listings on the portal. Good luck in recruiting and your guild adventures in GW2.