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Face of Death Run!! Friday Aug. 8 !!


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
I will be looking for folks to do this in the later afternoon, through the evening. We will need at least a couple higher levels that are familiar with the dungeon. Or seas.

I love this dungeon, it is beautiful and so different than everything else in PG. I want to get some video! That and its just fun.

Why is it called the Face of Death Dungeon? Mwhahahaha! Come and find out!

Edit: This run will be streamed! Which means seas will be here! Which means a great level range of players can come along! This will be a blast folks!!
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Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
Sounds fun! By the way, the door to the dungeon appears to have gotten shifted into the ground a bit. It'll be fixed soon, but not before tomorrow. So if you can't get into the dungeon (it's the giant door in a hill in Serbule), use the Tab key to find the entrance portal.