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[Selling] Fac N Yo's is open for the month of September...


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I was watching the news two days ago and remembered how i would decorate WBB in Trammel with an American flag made out of cloth bit in previous years before the bank redesigns.

So I subbed as soon as I had the money.... today. I wanted to sub for six months but my pay check from work was a little lacking this month.... next month (if I have one) will be slimmer because I got injured on the job. Not allowed to work until I recuperate in physical therapy.

Anyhow, I 'm back in UO.

You need something crafted? Fac N his best pal Yo are your team of esteem. Legendary imbuing, GM in smithing, tailoring, carpentry, tinkering, alchemy.... I haven't got a vendor so the overhead is low.

Don't forget to ask about our Fine Mining runebooks. :D What do ya say, are you "hooked on the brothers"?