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[Tinkering] Exceptional Gargish Earrings


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Do exceptional garish earrings made by a tinker with 100 Arms Lore get the 20% resist points bonus spread through the resists? What about different metals adding resists?

I'm not as concerned about the gargish necklace because I plan to use a Pendant of the Magi, but the same quest applies to this item.

Reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to outfit my new garg and realized my tailor and smith can't outfit this guy completely. I can buy basic earrings from an NPC. Is there a benefit other than the 500 max intensity (vs 450)? Thanks! I need to get this guy setup with a basic mage suit so I can fight his way to get access to the Queen's Soul Forge.



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They are getting bonus resists for beeing exceptional but no bonus from using special materials. (And bonus to max intensity and imbuing difficulty.)

grandpa otis

npc AND non exceptional tinker made gargish earrings and necklaces have resists of 1,2,2,2,3 for 10 total,,,, exceptional tinker made without armslore bonus have total of 26 resists(1 sample 4,4,4,8,6),, while tinker made exceptional with 100 armslore has total resist of 30(sample 3,7,6,4,10).