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Endless Journey Information


Hi All,

I have been back to playing UO as an Endless Journey (EJ) account for the last few weeks and thought I would document some of what I have found for any potential returning players such as myself.

For reference here are some links on official:
Endless Journey – Ultima Online
Endless Journey – Ultima Online

I am a returning player, I have a 10 year vet account from the first 10 years of the game and here is some useful information I have found so far. Feel free to add to this in the comments if you have any other interesting points.

  • I was able to log into my account which has been idle for the last ~10 years with no intervention from staff.
  • I did initially have some issues trying to link up my account. I put in a Support ticket initially to try to recover my account, and while I was eventually able to get in simply by remembering my username and password, I did not get an actual response from staff to assist with this process. My point is that it appears to be documented and my experience corroborates, that Staff is unlike to assist with EJ users. Which seems like a real shame as this has made me reluctant to become a paying subscriber again.
  • Regardless of the issue mentioned above, realistically the 4 month waiting period if I want to go back to EJ is what has prevented me from becoming a paid subscriber, I just fear that I will be back to being held hostage to the subscription if I go simi idle again. Paying for a subscription for 2 years after I quit actually playing last time has soured me to the prospect of re-upping my subscription.
  • You are able to access your bank box items if you get a Vault (3$ per month). I spent 5$ to get enough in game currency to purchase a vault for 1 month.
  • The Vault is actually really nice, it behaves much like a bank box shared by all your chars. It is tied to a single location in game and I chose brit tram.
  • 1 restriction on a vault over a bank box is that bags inside a vault still have a 400 stone limit. This means I basically have to keep all my large stacks of regs and potions in the first layer of the vault, which is a bit inconvenient, and has cause some issues when doing stuff like training alchemy.
  • I have not figured out a way to clear out the inventory of my PK. since he can not access tram, he is not able to access the vault. I could make him blue via the use of a forged pardon from the VvV system, but I have not gotten that deep in PvP yet, and am not a fan of losing the murder counts I have acquired, so far this is not a big deal, since his bank box has nothing of real value.
  • The actual 20 bank items you have available on a standard char are kind of a waste, the system of actually getting items in and out of the bank for EJ is cumbersome and I am currently barely using it, I will see if that remains the case when my vault access runs out in a couple of weeks.
  • Not being able to access items locked down in houses is slightly annoying, so far the issues include: not being able to drop items in the box my guild uses to transfer to Atlantic (for commerce purposes) I have just had to rely on a guild-mate to put the items in, and not being able to utilize the the 10th anniversary statue (I will likely just try to get my own).
  • I have not been able to confirm exactly what rare drops you can and cannot get as an EJ. So far I have gotten a Scroll of Valiant Commendation. I assume I can't get power scrolls, stat scrolls, and named champion rares, but I have not been able to confirm this yet. I also am not sure if I can get Legendary Artifacts (I assume so since this is generated loot), but will be running exodus tonight, so hopefully will be able to update a confirmation soon.
  • Clean up Brit program seems to be broken. The documentation indicates EJ can participate in this program, however we are only able to accumulate points but we are not able to access the menu to spend those point.
  • Vet Rewards: This appears to be working as expected, I am not able to access my accumulated picks that I never made, but am able to use any items I acquired in the past, or purchase from other players.
  • Events: There was an event on my shard (Napa) the other night, it started at my usually bedtime and since EJ are not supposed to be able to participate I just went to bed. However my Brother who started up again with me as an EJ said he was able to attack monsters and I believe he may have gotten some sort of a reward (I will see him tonight and will ask him for details).
  • I started a second EJ account to hold on to some loot, this account can only have 2 chars, but my original account has 6 on Napa (and 5 on most other servers) which I created in the old days. I assume if I delete an existing char I will not be able to create a new one and just lose out on that char slot, so I have no intention of trying this.
If anyone has any more information feel free to post below, I would be most interested in hearing any reports of specific items you are able to get (For example getting the scroll of Commendation was a pleasant surprise), as well as the best places to farm as an EJ to get some of the end game content (Legendary Artifacts most likely). so far Exodus seems to be the best if your group can handle it, but I am hoping to check out the roof soon too (as I have purchased Time of Shadows which is required to go there).

Thanks for reading,

Wonko of Napa Valley