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returning player

  1. Painted Elves

    havent played in years

    Hello! I'm looking to return to gaming, but i havent played for years, around maybe 9 yrs or so? I had my accounts all linked on EA and i found info for a Mythic account. I went to the website and logged in and subscribed, but at top there was a drop down menu that showed all my linked account...
  2. Q

    Returning Player Help

    Hey guys, I retired about mid way through ML and New Legacy has me feeling nostalgic/excited for UO again. Wanted to log on and fool around with retail until NL released but the games changed quite a bit since my time and is a bit overwhelming to say the least. I was wondering if there were...
  3. Lady_Calina

    Forgot To Post: We're Back!

    It has been about a month or so now, and only today did I remember what I'd obviously forgotten to do back then - post here! It has been an amazing experience, and while obviously having much to learn still, I wanted to say that it is good to be home. We missed it.
  4. Lady_Calina


    posted to wrong forum! please delete!
  5. Draden

    Looking for a few items.

    Returning player looking for a few items i have seen and a couple i haven't . The new (or new to me ) Fireplace , Ghost Anchor , Britannia Ship,or Orc Ship . With shard as empty as it is in hopes someone might have an extra to sell / trade. I do have grass and snow tiles as well as alot of...
  6. Morganne

    Returning to Archery after a long sleep...

    I've returned to UO after being gone a VERY long time, and obviously everything has changed! I'm looking for advice on what to do with my character's existing skills to make her an excellent archer. Here are the skills she currently has: Anatomy 100 Archery 101.6 Bowcraft/fletching 100 (Can I...
  7. Morganne

    Tailoring Power Scroll

    I have just returned to UO after a very long absence, and it would seem that my 100 skill can now go to 120 with a power scroll. How do I obtain one of these within the game without buying it with real world money? I saw something about fulfilling bulk orders from NPCs--I am assuming those...
  8. L

    Ah..The returning Player..

    I played heavily back in the day from 1998 until 2005 and from there i would get on and off the account over the years, going 1-3 years at a time. Well here i am again, deciding to play once again for awhile as to occupy my time and give a go at a few new things. Ive managed to place a home on...
  9. W

    Endless Journey Information

    Hi All, I have been back to playing UO as an Endless Journey (EJ) account for the last few weeks and thought I would document some of what I have found for any potential returning players such as myself. For reference here are some links on official: Endless Journey – Ultima Online Endless...
  10. N

    Fencer setup

    I'm a returning player and have the following skills: (I'm looking to build a PvM character) Fencing - 100 Tactics - 100 Focus - 100 Healing - 100 Anatomy - 100 Parrying - 100 Resist - 97 (skills are all capped to 100) Chivalry and other skills came out around the time I quit playing so I'm...
  11. SwordofExcalibur

    (Question) Moving to Lake Superior: Any activity these days?

    Greetings and Well Met, I was a returning player back in August 2017 and went to ALT starting out, but I originally played UO 2001-2004 and Lake Superior was the first shard I played on, so I find myself missing it these days. ATL is fine, but I feel as though home is calling so, I'm in the...
  12. N

    Returning player advice

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on a few things. I last played in 2003 I think and it's all changed so much I'm unsure of a few things. First off can anyone recommend some confirmed up-to-date links for UO character templates and any other advice as I've found loads including on...
  13. Corden

    Good morning Europe!

    Hello, I am "returning" player. The situation is that for some reason I stumbled on Ultima Online once again and decided to go for nostalgia trip. (So there is no guarantees my stay is longer than just that.) History: In past my UO gaming ranged between '97 to somewhere in 2001-2003, cant...