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Cu Sidhe taming


just came back to the game and wondering if Cu's can still be tamed with the help of peacemaking skill?
I read on uoguide their barding diff. is at 126.9 - 130.7. Does that applies to peace?


Adell of Catskills

Stratics Veteran
Paralyze tame is way to go. Invisible once training starts to break agro. Have macro to tame last, paralyze, hit macro, if fail 3 times invisible before para wars off. Repeat

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Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I am lazy and have no problem keeping honor high. Just kill them until one you want spawns and then honor tame it :)


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I usually just slaughter the Cu spawn with my Wammy, with my Disco/Tamer on standby just in case a rare color spawns. I'll lead tame the rare ones most of the time, but if there's other tamers there at the time, i'll Honor tame.

DreadLord Lestat

Forum Moderator
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With a resist suit on, lead taming is the way to go. I can tame a CU generally within a couple of minutes based on how many actual attempts I get.


Crazed Zealot
These are not too bad: First get a mage weaponlike mage -15 or something, then get DC items to DCI of 40-45. Then your chance of being hit will decrease when you tame them. Less deaths means more tames. Take them ut to the cave and rinse-repeat. Leave 2-3 in the forefront so they fight the changellings for yu also..