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Come and meet us at PAX!

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Dor of Sonoma

I'll be driving North to attend myself, and I am pretty excited about the opportunity to meet some of you in person! Herewith, an invitation from the lovely Danicia:
Ahoy PAX Attendees!!

Get out your Piratey Best for a PotBS Meet Up at the Islander Tiki Bar & Restaurant! Come meet up with fellow fans and FLS Staff for a casual and silly time! We'll have fun & games..yes PRIZES!!!

Thurs, Aug 28, 2008 6pm-9pm
Islander Tiki Bar & Restaurant

We're going to be on the patio overlooking the water! Bring your own doubloons and be ready for a great kick off to the Penny Arcade Expo!!

See you there!
I will be adding any details, if and as I get them...looking forward to a great time!

*rummages for her Party hat*

Dor of Sonoma

Aight, I've gone ahead and signed up.


I can't wait to see y'all! :-D

*getting all excited now*

Dor of Sonoma

I'm going to be hitting the road within a few hours, heading out on that 800-mile drive...

I hope to meet some of you on the other end! (go sign up :)