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Can I have your stuff?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Seriously. Can I? In that box over there? What about this crate here?

Ultimate Collector had a beta wipe not long ago and the ones who amassed such great things to rival Lord British's great things were like, "Oohnooooos, why Gods why?!"

Why, to bring you a better beta of course! Oh, and to give us wee folk a chance to rethink our snowglobe obsession ;)

The music is a little hokey and yet I can't turn it off. My bumping shoulders won't allow it (it's hard to type when your shoulders are bumping btw).

I still don't know what I'm appraising or what to buy to excel. Last beta I ended up with a lot of springs and empty stands. This time I intend to stalk Cirno and peek in her crates more often.

Today's lesson is to learn how to actually make money so I can afford more snowglobes. I'll keep you updated!