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[CA Stratics] Spiders Vs. Scorpions Event! Enlist Today!


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
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This will mark the second coming of Nexon’s famed “Spiders Vs. Scorpions” event. The first SvS event held by Nexon was a success that yielded many rewards for both teams. Building upon this, Nexon has revamped the event offering players the chance to choose their teams instead of being randomly placed on one. Reserving your side early also has advantages over waiting. To those that “pre-sign”, Nexon will gift one GP-Regular supply case, one GP-Hazard supply case, and one Gift-N supply case good for a 7-day item.
For signing up, there will be three tiers; if you sign up between May 23rd and May 30th you will receive your items on May 31st. If you sign up between May 31st and June 6th you will receive your items on June 7th. If you wait until the last tier and sign up between June 7th and June 13th you will receive your items on June 14th.
The links to the official information will be posted below, but take heed, there are only 50,000 spots available to each team for each week. If you do not sign up in time for that week you must wait until the next week. If you cannot choose your team before the Nexon suspense, you will still have a chance to do so in the game at the start of the event, you will just not receive any prizes.
On a final note, as with the first event, TEAMS ARE FINAL! Once you choose, you cannot change teams. So CHOOSE CAREFULLY! The event will officially begin on June 16, 2012. Be ready.
Happy gaming.

Article Event Link:
Sign-Up Event FAQ Link:
How to sign up:
Log in and visit the article event link. Select the “choose a side TODAY” link and choose your allegiance. Don’t forget to watch the new video posted by Nexon for the event. Each side will be represented by a new specialist fully unveiled in the video. Revamped and reloaded, who will come out victorious??

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