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Beating head in while waiting for old account help


Stratics Veteran
Seriously! Its been since Jan 19 and I am going mental! Was so excited that there was a way to retrieve an old account and I followed all the steps, have the correct passwords and click link it says success..go to continue..it says you want to link X account I click confirm and it fails to link them. I contacted support and after a couple of days they got back and asked the questions I have seen listed on this forum to verify who I was. I completed that and so they then took the next step to help me by changing my passwords......... which did nothing. I updated the ticket telling them it did nothing, and in order to help me...they changed my passwords. I once again explained my problem and informed them to NOT change passwords cuz it isnt helping...well they did and then I have heard nothing back.

I found mesana's email on here and email her. Never got a reply but not long after my passwords got changed again so perhaps she was trying? I saw someone mention on a forum try EA cuz it is an account issue. I did and of course was directed to go back through broadsword, BUT to open another ticket...which I did and got a msg saying they were working to resolve the issue thank you for waiting. And that was it.

So ya..here I sit. I have a "new "account but would so love to have my old one back. Actually there are 2 older ones but the one must go to an email that no longer exists and also it isnt the older of the two so am not worried. The one I want however is on the exact same email as my account now so =/ the only difference is my name. Old one has my maiden name and new one my married. I have asked them if that was the case perhaps..and heard nothing back.

So yep. Just ranting/venting on here, joining in on the many others who have had issues...........

Diomedes Artega

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Glad you got everything taken care of. Good to hear. It is a bit of a tricky system and has its faults, but it does work.