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[Selling] 64 Lots of various Sets & Collections! | GET YOUR XMAS GOODIES! | ADDED ITEMS!

Finley Grant

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ok auction ended i will post the winners soon
thanks for your bids

7. Set of Sands of Sosaria: 28m @DJAd
43. Tuxedo: 85m @DJAd

1. Set of VVV Banners and Tiles: 75m @Nails Warstein

13. Set of Skulls: 2,5m @Archnight
50. Set of Jukka and Meer Statuettes: 75m @Archnight
54. Phoenix Style Echanted Origin: 10m @Archnight

44. Dragon Heads (1x White 1x Red): 19m @Adrahil

45. Euro Gold Harpichsord: 0,5m @Wichtel

5. Set of Holiday Toy Guards: 51m @Yegger

14. Marksment Set: 10m @slippjeem
17. Set of Smuggler Lanterns (100 different colors): 400m @slippjeem

18. Set of Snowy Scenes (2000 /2001 /2005 / new 7 EM drops): 450m @Ford Taunus
24. Bag with 12 "Very Rare" Holiday 2001 Statuettes: 210m @Ford Taunus
25. Bag with 7 "Rare" Holiday 2001 Statuettes: 23m @Ford Taunus
26. Bag with 6 "Uncommon" Holiday 2001 Statuettes: 13m @Ford Taunus
27. Bag with 22 "Common" Holiday 2001 Statuettes: 13m @Ford Taunus
51. Studded suit "of the Kotl": 5m @Ford Taunus

38. Set of Eodon Tribe Banners : 75m @Summoned

21. Treasures of Doom 50x turn in drop "of Doom": 50m @JohnJay1900

if iam wrong somwhere please tell me,

also feel free to send me offers below the reserves for the other lots, i will consider them. bulk = discount
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