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[12/12/2018] Latest LS event item


Just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, I thought I would share with the community. The item was a tree; a beautiful blue tree. I couldn't tell you the hue ID but maybe someone else can. Adequately named - "Cryokinetic Fury of Glacieus The Ice Demon". Double-clicking the tree will give you a luck bonus that appears to be exactly the same as the 9th anniversary sculpture.

This makes the third event item that I managed to receive in a row! Maybe I should just stop going to give others a chance, huh? I'm definitely going to play the next powerball! :p

Either way, there's 4 of these that exist I believe. Our beloved Donovan was also one of the lucky recipients. I do apologize to those who didn't get one. If it were up to me say, if I were EM - I would give one to all. I really don't believe I deserve the tree because there's just so many I feel are much more deserving, like Allen, or Alpha Male. Regardless, I accept and bow to the RNG gods and I will pray to the gods that they give others a chance.

Pampa DH

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How did you come up with a count of 4? I already know of at least 6 that are on Atl for sale.