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  1. Zayin666

    [Selling] Europa Fel Castle on Grass - Upgradeable

    Hi all, I am selling my beloved Fel Castle that I placed almost 10 years ago. There are to my knowledge no objects blocking an upgrade to new designs. Its placed on grass south of Trinsic. Not too far from Moongate. Spawn in area is low, the odd snake or harpy wanders by. There is always a...
  2. C

    [Selling] Selling Tram Keep 50m OBO

    Made new post (still currently for sale, but lowered price
  3. Yuzo

    Selling Pet Huge Pre-Patch Nightmare Sale!! All sold!

    All Sold
  4. Lady Kyo

    [Selling] 16x18 Malas house For Sale

    Atlantic Malas house for sale! 16x18 I will post a pic of where it is later but its SOUTH of LUNA CITY just over the first bridge and sitting next to the Cresent Moon shape. Can't miss it since its next to a classic small marble (only classic in the row) and my parrots and Vendors all say FOR...
  5. Night Stalker

    [Selling] 18X17 UMBRA ROAD SIDE - ATLANTIC

    18x17 west of Umbra I'm asking for 50 million gold obo | trades ICQ 711952899 Check out my 13x18 too! [Discussion] - 13x18 fel on grass | zero traffic
  6. ragnartheawful

    11x12 For Sale - Marble Island T2A Gate, Fel (Atlantic)!

    Selling an 11x12 on Marble Island in Fel (Atlantic). There are a few neighbors, but I've never seen them. Water all around you; it's an island just east of Brit moongate. Private spot. No spawns, no nonsense. Don't even know if there's interest, but house placement seems to be hit or miss...
  7. Elenni

    BRING STRATICS HOME: Campaign Perks update

    Hi, all -- Just checking in with the latest campaign news -- and thanks again for all your support (can we EVER say that enough times??) Just wanted to let you know that thank you emails are on their way out, so please keep your eye out for them. For those contributors who earned banners and...
  8. Elenni

    NEWS BREAKING NEWS: We can bring Stratics home, but we need your help NOW!

    As you all know, the volunteer senior staff here at Stratics has been working hard to crowdfund the purchase of the site, which is currently up for public auction. That auction ends in 5 days, on December 26. We are at 53% of our funding goal, which is a huge achievement -- but the goal IS...
  9. Flutter

    [Selling] Selling Cakes and Puddings!

    I recently bought a bulk lot of cakes from Peil. I only needed about half of them so I am offering up the others for sale. I had an arrangement with another player who was interested in purchasing a few but he hasn't read the PM since Oct. 30 although he's been on a few times since then. I feel...
  10. Axia

    Origin Castle southwest of wrong for sale. Sold 11/2/15

    Howdy, I'm moving into luna. As a result I have a lovely castle for sale in Felucca. Will likely come with some items.
  11. Tame Misha

    [Selling] legendary artifacts for sale

    hello, i have some nice artifacts for sale, offers please as post or pm , thank you Misha and here we go: Mystic Studded Gorget of Restoration Brittle Energy Eater 12% Intelligence Bonus 4 Mana increase 2 Stamina Regeneration 2 Mana Regeneration 4 LMC 10% Physical Resist 17% Fire Resist 19%...